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Review: Graze Box

graze box

I’ll admit it. I can get a bit hangry… that is, the general annoyance with everything around and speaking to me that pops up whenever my tummy starts to grumble and there’s no food in sight. Once I figured this out about myself it was like a light-bulb moment and I resolved to approach everyday excursions prepared. Yet, there’s only so many lara bars and cuban crackers a girl can eat! I needed to up my snacking game. Which is why I was super stoked to stumble upon Graze.

Graze combines wholesome ingredients with knock-your-socks off flavors to create hundreds of different exciting snacks. They then send a selection of these snacks to your doorstep. You get to choose how many snacks to receive and how often. My first box of 4 came with strawberries and cream protein granola topper, zesty lime & red pepper salsa with pita chips, honeycomb flapjack, and twist of black pepper popcorn. The snacks were so delicious I immediately signed up to receive 8 snacks/monthly. I love that each snack features a handy health badge that let’s you know important information; like whether it’s a good source of fiber, contains 1/2 a cup of fruit, or is low-calorie, so you can feel good about your snacking choices. I also really appreciate that they’re portion controlled, which saves me from my natural inclination of getting down on a bag of trail mix only to realize I’ve eaten like 6 servings.

sample graze box

strawberries and cream granola

And the best part? They’re the perfect size and packaging to tuck inside my purse. So the next time Miami traffic keeps me out past my lunch-time I won’t start grumbling and griping. Gotta love convenience! Bring ’em along anywhere. Think: on a hike, in an airport, post workout, you get the picture.

pack a snack

sriracha crunch

You can order 4-snacks for $5.99 or 8-snacks for $11.99 and choose to have them delivered weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly. For high quality, wholesome snacks delivered to my door, I’ll happily pay $1.50 a pop. Similar snacks at Whole Foods or Publix would often run me much more.

Anyways, if you too are prone to getting a little hangry, I highly recommend checking out this service. Bonus: Graze will let you try out a 4-snack box for TOTALLY FREE with the code BETHB8RZP. If you love the service and decide to stick around? You’ll also receive your fifth box for free, too! Thank you so much, Graze. Happy snacking!