An extremely patient joke.



In May 2009 Dr. Frank N Furter tweeted lines from the movie-musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show


So, come up to the lab,

-Frank Furter (@DrFNFurter) May 7, 2009


and see what’s on the slab!

-Frank Furter (@DrFNFurter) May 7, 2009


I see you shiver with antici …

-Frank Furter (@DrFNFurter) May 7, 2009


Five years later his joke paid off beautifully–


… pation.

-Frank Furter (@DrFNFurter) May 7, 2014


Well-played, sir. 66,000 retweets and 35,000 favorites! It seems Rocky Horror fans everywhere were tickled by this punchline. Here’s Tim Curry performing the inspiration for the most patient joke in social media history.



P.S. Rocky Horror fans-check out these fantastic watercolors portraits of your fave characters. Kind of obsessed with them! Referencing pop culture, affordable art, wham-BAM-thank you ma’am! 



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