mid-week round-up


Ladybugs are taking over my apartment! Where have they all come from? Should I catch them and put them out in my garden? Oh, Summer. I hope the rest of your work week flies by and your weekend lasts a lifetime. For the rest of my week, I’m foreseeing more backgammon games, smoothie experiments (I have an idea for how to make a Nutella smoothie. We’ve already conquered the cinnamon roll smoothie. #healthyfoodhacks) (LONG LIVE THE MAGIC BULLET!!!), and a trip to see some black bears. OH, and good luck to all the tiny speech kittens at nationals. Be amazing…so I can be super impressed when I continue my annual summer ritual of tuning in to the live stream of your final rounds. : ) Now for some links…

Coke unveils some new green-scamming tactics.

We iz from da same famlee??

One of these days I’m gonna try this out.

Gorgeous tumblr if you’re feeling scroll happy.

Love these simple, weeknight meals.

Whoops, I’ve seen all the docus on this list. Check ’em out!

Caring creatures.

Is YouTube to blame for the destruction of our last real movie star? (Great article but I’m gonna go ahead and place the blame a little more squarely on Scientology and peripherally on internet journalism/YouTube.)

Check yo’self…before you scientifically wreck yo’self!

A huge standing ovation to Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

And just another reason I need a yard.


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