mid-week round-up


Hey friends! What are y’all up to this week? I have the next three days off to spend with Chet before he heads back to school (and the completion of his PhD!!!). Let the adventures begin! But first, let’s adventure through the internet….

Imagine making such a discovery in your backyard.

One teacher makes the difficult choice to walk away.

A sleek, chic tiny home. (When can I move in?)

This genius hotline layin’ down some education.

Talk to strangers!!! 

Just some farmer’s market humor. NBD.

8 minute docu about a dude who lives on a little boat.

What happened in Chile on a DIFFERENT 9/11.

40 year old mom becomes an NFL cheerleader. Get it, girl!

Super easy, on-the-go Mason jar brekky.

Some surprising truths about homelessness.

The fainting dog that made my puppy fever skyrocket through the roof!

P.S. I woke up to a BROKEN coffee pot this morning…it just made a bunch of noises and nothing would brew. Has this ever happened to you? It was like zero to crisis in 2.5 seconds, all in the haze of non-caffeinated morning confusion. Chet burnt some fingers in the process. Basically a scene out of a Mumblecore Rom-Com. : )




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