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mid-week round-up

What are you up to this week? I’m headed to Bowling Green on Friday, and I can’t wait to be wowed by the WKU Forensics Team. The weather has been cooling in these parts and the sun has that magical autumn sparkle. I’m loving any excuse to take a brisk walk, and we’ve been making lots of fall-weather foods – like Cincinnati chili, gumbo, and Girl Scout stew. And thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out my podcast! It has been a blast making it and I can’t wait for you to hear all the upcoming episodes. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and enjoy these links from ’round the world wide web…

How to make a Beyonce at Coachella Halloween costume.

The FBI of the National Park Services handles the complex crimes committed on NPS land.

Who does “Southern femininity” really belong to?

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The power and legacy of Amererica’s female spirtualists.

Social media is turning an art form into an industry.

The $11 drugstore item Queen Elizabeth uses to fall asleep.

Cool timelapse. (…but very triggering if you ever had braces, lol.)

West Virginia’s small-town revival.

Isolated nomads are under siege in the Amazon jungle.

How to eat your way through Nashville in one day.

The perfect morning workout.

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A woman’s paycheck is influenced by her hometown — even if she doesn’t live there anymore.

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These Videos Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile


Have you seen the “Kids Try” series on YouTube? Created by Cut, a channel that specializes in creating viral video content (see also: Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time), these videos never fail to make me smile. How freaking adorable are these kids?

Though I do find it a little unsettling how suspicious they are of foods they’re unaccustomed to, (Do American kids just eat pre-packaged, Trader Joe’s freezer meals these days or what?) I love the moments when they just go for it and dive in. Watch for yourself…

Maddox is obvi my favorite (#spiritchild) and if I could adopt him I totally would. Though it seems he already has some awesome parents…here they are explaining the birds and the bees to him! (“There’s a hole down there like an igloo.”)

P.S. Other YouTube videos you might enjoy — The Greatest Exercise Video Ever, Costume Makeup Masterpieces, and Miniature Food Videos.

mid-week round-up

rocky surf

How is everyone doing this week? Not loving all these rainy days we’ve been getting! It’s definitely warm enough for the pool so why can’t the sun just peek out a little bit! Oh well, I guess this is what Fall in Florida is like. Anyways, the threat of rain inspired us to go to the art museum the other day so I can’t complain TOO much. The exhibits were beautiful! Also, did anyone watch the So You Think You Can Dance finale? This was such a good season!!! I think I’ve successfully convinced Chet that we will be replacing it in our weekly line-up with Dancing With the Stars (which just started on Monday). I’ve only caught bits and pieces of this show over the years but I’m ready to dive in. The “stars” this year look nuts! Hope the rest of your week brings you lots of happiness, and here are a few links for you to enjoy today…

Joni Mitchell’s breakfast of champions.

I’m a Samantha with a touch of Molly. You?

I suddenly want to add a cute kitten to my desk set-up.

Traveling abroad on a budget.

The business of funerals is no longer a male-dominated industry.

I can’t stop watching Casey Neistat movies.

And speaking of movies, here’s an enthralling Vice News piece on schoolgirls for sale in Japan.

I would very happily eat these school lunches.

Netlix recommendations so you can curl up and watch when the weather turns yucky.

BRB, off to convince Chet that we need to make mini no-knead pizzas for Pizza Friday.

mid-week round-up

subway station

What’s new in your world, friends? Another busy week over in these parts! This past Saturday one of my very dearest friends, Katie, came to visit and we had a wonderful time eating delicious bar-b-q, taking long meandering walks, sipping drinks and just generally catching up (read: gossiping). I always spend our visits laughing! Monday I learned that Chet is an awesome bowler…I had no idea! While I’d like to think I’m pretty alright at the sport myself, my left butt cheek is certainly STILL sore from the frames we threw (TMI?). Chalk it up to rarely used special bowling-only butt muscles? Sure.

I whipped this up for dinner the other night and it was SO GOOD.

These celebrities are fed up with guns.

Cooking on a food stamp budget.

Sound familiar?

The Night Witches: a little known WWII story.

10 great farmers market tips.

Scientifically proven old wives’ tales.

Drew Barrymore shares her closet cleaning tips.

YouTube is one of my strange addictions and this ad just makes me love it even more.

Historical lookalikes.

These temporary tattoos would be super fun for a summer vacay.

And ladies, in case you haven’t seen this op-ed yet, PLEASE give it a read!

mid-week round-up

dandelion blowing

What are you up to this week? I had an amazing long weekend complete with sunshine, shopping trips, and even got to see my brother who was up from Savannah for a wedding. (The highlight was definitely this sandwich, though!) I’m excited for next weekend and what adventures it may hold! Oh, and if you’re in the area, drop by Good Foods Co-op this Friday…it’s our Kick Off Summer Event and it’s sure to be a spectacular time (as always!). Hope you have a good week, and now here are the links…

The price of nice nails. 

Food lessons from India.

What to cook in a drought.

Last minute take-along to your next pot-luck.

Brits react to American culture.

Genius invention.

Do you have attachment issues?

Packing tips for a city getaway!

No crying in baseball! Ok, maybe just a little…

New documentary reveals the artist under the feathers.

Genius empathy cards.

In case you’re planning a trip!

(Drought recipe article via Adam.)

mid-week round-up

peach flower

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby 

Enjoy the links…

The best explanation of Uber ratings. 

How did Chris McCandless die? 

RuPaul’s RuTine. 

Congrats William & Kate!

Espresso in space could have strong scientific impacts.

This essay is a heart-wrenching reminder of the emotional power of food.

Oh, NBD…just pictures of ragdoll cats.

I think I need to adopt this little guy!

Lessons in emergency eating.

I’m totally a #4 but now I’m looking to become a #6.

The comment section on this post was enlightening to explore.

Style sudoku would be a great resource for summer packing.

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Miniature Food Videos

Have you guys seen these cooking videos floating around the Internet? They are seriously some of the most hypnotizing things I’ve ever watched. Seeing a normal size hand with teeny-tiny utensils kinda takes me back to my Playmobil dollhouse days, when I would pretend the little people were cooking an elaborate dinner party but really it was my giant human hand stirring the thimble-size pot with the minuscule ladle. Anyways, give them a watch!

mid-week round-up

champagne dreams

You know winter is stretching into infinity when one of the highlights of your weekend was curling up on your couch to knit a scarf. But for serious, I KNIT A SCARF!!! *Ahem* After 3 days of weather mayhem, I returned to a regular work schedule last Thursday, only to be greeted with a huge dirty snow-bank that needed shoveling upon my return home. Really ready for this stuff to melt. Nothing bums me out like the sight of dirty snow. Have you been staying warm? Feeling a bit cabin feverish? Sending sunshine your way! Now go enjoy these links…

10-minute lasagna (although I’d omit the olives).

Could Chipotle GET any more rad?

A gentle reminder you may need to hear today.

This neat crocheted basket would be perfect to keep all your odds and ends.

Why a Gonzaga player had to leave U.K. to find his true potential.

Say it with flowers!

Dishing about a super odd roommate.

Looking at Kentucky’s Appalachia.

I’m over here whining about a foot of snow…Extra love to Boston!


Love these adorable explanations of “The Birds and the Bees“.

Tips to avoid false memories.

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mid-week round-up

snowy road

Hey babes! After a few days holed up in my apartment, I slipped and slid in my Subaru to work yesterday. This week has been treacherous and draining and it’s only the MID-week. Sending so much love to you all in the hopes you’ll send some back my way in return. Stay safe, stay warm and if you’re still stuck at home with no end in sight, here are some links for you to enjoy…

A rather sophisticated pairing.

Ladies like this give me hope and happiness.

An autistic woman’s perspective on anti-vaxxers.

15 facts about my favorite soda.

Our planet’s diversity shown through portraits of women.

Delight a poem by Amber Tamblyn

How cute would this t-shirt be for the Derby?

Gave me chills.

The cutest pop-top camper in the whole world!

Facebook allows for the appointing of a digital heir.

A vagabond’s daily carry.

Adorable lunchbox inspiration for my new bento box!

mid-week round-up


What have you been up to this week? Did you know 1.23 billion chicken wings are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday, nearly four for every American? It’s safe to say I ate my quota! Did you do anything fun for the big game? Besides football, my TV has been glued to this show. Have you seen it? I would highly recommend! Especially if you’re mourning the loss of Parenthood or, like me, you have a girl crush on Gaby Hoffman. Hope you have a fun week, and here are some of my favorite links of the day…

Kindergarten teacher turned twerker.

Fascinating article for former (and current) speech gals like me.

Wouldn’t this be pretty trimming a window or a gallery wall?

Good morning!

This song has been on repeat lately in my neck of the woods.

There are just no words.

Super affordable e-courses if you’re feeling all winter-time cooped and have an itch to get creative.

Get ready to laugh! 

Behind the scenes with a stock photo model.

Ladies and gentleman, THIS is true royalty.

Children, play and the Holocaust.

Victim of “revenge porn” fights back.


P.S. My art collection and my reading habits. ❤