mid-week round-up


What are you up to this fine week, folks? I’m planning on a quiet week (*knocks on wood*) with plenty of down-time to do this arm challenge and read this book AND count down the minutes until my upcoming trip to Lafayette, LA (!!!!!). Also, it’s my last full week as a 28 year old. Eeps! Hope you have a rad day, and here’s some reading material…

A supermarket’s genius idea to turn trash to profit.

The one little thing Meridith can’t travel without.

Vegan curry in a hurry!

Just do yourself a favor and watch this. (“I prune everything.” #dying)

Movement is medicine.

A year long make-up free experiment.

An affordable red wine round-up.

I love this blog series.

Spend less so you can live more!

Etsy flipped the script.

I would appreciate if someone could make me this salad at my earliest convenience.

Emma Watson NAILED IT.

And congrats to Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton on the birth of their daughter, Charlotte. Proud grandparents, Bill and Hil, looked to be positively beaming!


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