Manhattan Short Film Festival–my 2014 picks.


Last night, I attended the Manhattan Short Film Festival at The Kentucky Theater, one of 120 art house cinemas across the United States participating in the event and one of many, MANY more screenings across the globe. The event featured ten films and at the completion of the last film, viewers submitted cards casting their ballot for top film and top actor. The films were a range of languages, styles and subject matter. I love how in a short film the suspense is intensified to make it work in the tiny time frame. Every minuscule detail is important. Here were my votes:



The Fall

Country: Norway

Synopsis: Two mountaineers depend on each other during a climb but one has a secret that puts trust to the test.

Best Actor



Sameerah Luqman-Harris

Film: The Bravest, The Boldest

Country: USA

Synopsis: A mother tries to avoid two army officers ready to deliver the worst news of her life.

I also really enjoyed On the Bridge about two men debating the merits of jumping off London’s Waterloo Bridge, La Carnada about border crossing, and Mend and Make Do which provided super creative animation as illustration for a voiceover interview with a WWII bride.

Have you ever been to this film festival? Do you like short films? Can’t wait to find out the winner on Monday, October 6. 


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