mid-week round-up


Happy Wednesday! What are y’all up to? I’m spending the week with Chet in Lafayette, LA and we have all sorts of fun things planned! Farmers market, hiking, a festival and eating my weight in Cajun food. I’ll try to post some updates and pictures of our adventures as they’re happening but if there’s some radio silence you’ll know I’m just enjoying my vacation and I’ll be back real soon. ; ) Sending you lots of love from down south…now on to the links!!!…

This movie is perfect because of it’s imperfections…and still holds up today!

Cardboard stories.

Student kicked out of class because of what her mother does.

And speaking of…Michelle Obama on being a working mom.

Sleeping your way to the top! (Chet has a cougar crush on her!)

So all those fake birthday songs on TV shows have been in vain?!?

This child is my spirit animal.

Anyone interested in some Autumn exploration?

This made me laugh. (Wink to a tee!)

I hate that this is true.

Homesteading supplies you can buy for cheap at the dollar store.

Just nailing it all over the place…and at 72 no less!

and congrats to my little sister, Katie, who won the Theatre Tampa Bay award for outstanding actress in a musical!!! ❤


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