Movies for the whole family.


home alone

groundhog day


Let’s talk movies! For a lot of families, Thanksgiving (and the days surrounding it) can mean a lot of together-time with your kin. And what easier way to keep each other entertained than busting out the DVD player or popping on the ‘flix? A Thanksgiving feast induced coma is NO time for chit-chat with the relatives! I can remember, in middle and high school, escaping to our basement during holiday madness for some much-needed moments of quiet in front of an MTV marathon. However, not everyone shares my love of hyper-competitive D-Listers and loosely-scripted baby mama drama, so… What should you turn on for Thanksgiving family viewing? Huffington Post just did a list of 13 Netflix Movies to Watch With Your Family This Thanksgiving, and here are 10 (not necessarily streaming) movies that I think would do the trick, too (and by trick I mean get everyone to sit down and shut up for an hour or so)…


*Finding Neverland

*Home Alone


*The Royal Tennenbaums

*Groundhog Day

*It’s a Disaster

*The Break-Up



Plus, four binge worthy TV shows (if that’s more your style):

*How I Met Your Mother

*Arrested Development

*House of Cards

*Mob Wives

What do you think? Which movies or TV shows do you like watching with your family? More of a football crew? Board games? I’d love to hear!


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