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Round Up: Throw Pillows

A new season is nigh! And if you’re anything like me, new seasons have you jonesing for a home decor switcheroo.

This call toward updated interiors is especially strong for me in the transition from winter to spring. Something about the temperatures rising, the days getting longer, and hearing birds chirping outside my window every morning makes me want to throw open the curtains a la Cinderella and get to work redoing my whole home with pretty colors, lighter fabrics, and dainty decor.

Unfortunately, I only want to spend a Cinderella budget on these updates (and I don’t have any adorable mice to help me)…so I’m always on the lookout for home decor pieces that pack a big visual punch without a big price tag. One of my favorite items for this? Throw pillows! Obviously we can’t change out our sofas for spring or buy brand new bed clothes every year…but pop a few new pillows around the home and VOILA! These pieces have a brand new look.

Below, I’ve scouted a few of my favorites…

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Which would you choose?

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Our Cotton Anniversary Couch (+ a 2nd Anniversary Gift Idea Round-Up)

cotton anniversary couch

Hey friends! Chet and I recently celebrated our SECOND YEAR of marriage and we marked the occasion with a….couch?! That’s right, in honor of our 2nd anniversary we replaced our old (and very worn) Ikea number and got the absolute BABE of a sofa pictured above. I mean it IS fabric and there’s probably some cotton in there somewhere, right? (IDK I’m not a textile expert or anything.)

I’m still a far way off from the entryway of my dreams as you can see above, but I just had to share this lil home decor update anyways. So in love with this couch, you guys!

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couch leg on the corner of a rug(Please disregard the staple that was left behind from the packaging which I carelessly forgot to remove because I was too excited but thankfully got rid of before it impaled anyone’s ankles, AHEM!)

I also gifted Chet with a pair of shoes and he got me 5 lovely hosta seedlings that we planted in our backyard along the house. Year 2 was pretty terrific!

Now, in honor of this marriage milestone, I thought I’d round-up a few “Cotton Anniversary” gift ideas. (Just in case you’re not buying the whole couch as cotton option, lol!)


2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Neck Tie or Scarf,
Plant Hanger,
Throw Blanket,
Table Cloth and Napkins,
Decorative Pillows,
Bed Sheets,
or Your Wedding Vows Printed on Cotton Paper.

Have you celebrated any fun milestones lately? How did you mark the occasion? 

Movies for the whole family.


home alone

groundhog day


Let’s talk movies! For a lot of families, Thanksgiving (and the days surrounding it) can mean a lot of together-time with your kin. And what easier way to keep each other entertained than busting out the DVD player or popping on the ‘flix? A Thanksgiving feast induced coma is NO time for chit-chat with the relatives! I can remember, in middle and high school, escaping to our basement during holiday madness for some much-needed moments of quiet in front of an MTV marathon. However, not everyone shares my love of hyper-competitive D-Listers and loosely-scripted baby mama drama, so… What should you turn on for Thanksgiving family viewing? Huffington Post just did a list of 13 Netflix Movies to Watch With Your Family This Thanksgiving, and here are 10 (not necessarily streaming) movies that I think would do the trick, too (and by trick I mean get everyone to sit down and shut up for an hour or so)…


*Finding Neverland

*Home Alone


*The Royal Tennenbaums

*Groundhog Day

*It’s a Disaster

*The Break-Up



Plus, four binge worthy TV shows (if that’s more your style):

*How I Met Your Mother

*Arrested Development

*House of Cards

*Mob Wives

What do you think? Which movies or TV shows do you like watching with your family? More of a football crew? Board games? I’d love to hear!