mid-week round-up

holding hands

How is everyone doing? Things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! Chet got into town on Sunday and we were quick to get the decorating done. Tree is up, twinkle lights liberally strewn where possible and stockings hung! I’m anxious to do other holiday activities as well. Any ideas? I’m thinking we’ll go check out some outdoor lights and a giant tree at a historic home near the apartment but I would love some suggestions! What do you guys think? Hope your week is magical, however you’re spending it, and here are some links for you to enjoy…

Creative minimalism at it’s best.

Unique date ideas to shake things up.

Don’t forget: stay hydrated!

The effects of Serial on the Syed family.

Would you rock a cape this winter?

You KNOW I want to host a toast party!

Fair Trade Gift Guide so you can give responsibly.

Hauntingly beautiful.

Jimmy Fallon crowned Entertainer of the Year.

I love the look of these whimsical ornaments.

Super simple spice hack.

White poverty.


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