Gettin’ in your comfies.




I don’t know about you but I’m a get in my comfies as soon as I get home from work type of gal. Especially in the winter, there’s something so cozy about standing at the stove fixing your dinner in a pair of pj pants. I have a few well-loved flannel numbers that I crack out when the days turn dark before 6pm. But, if you share my love of jammies and also enjoy doing some good with your dollars, I’ve got just the lounge-wear for you–Punjammies. These lovely pajamas are created by women in India who wish to remain free from sex-slavery. The idea was sparked by International Princess Project as a way to offer an alternative occupation to the women physically, emotionally and economically enslaved in the brothels in India’s red light districts. Inspired by the fabric of traditional Indian saris, IPP hatched their plan. Now, over 150 women in three sewing centers are gaining confidence from their craftsmanship and new profession. Getting in THESE comfies at the end of a long day means a fair wage and a fresh start for a woman who has broken free.

And if you need proof that this sort of organization is not just feel-good consumerism but can work to help end more far-reaching, systemic problems of poverty, violence, and gender inequity; check out this article by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn. I read it years ago and it remains a powerful reminder of the ability to create change by, at long last, placing your bets on the women in the room.


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