mid-week round-up

champagne dreams

You know winter is stretching into infinity when one of the highlights of your weekend was curling up on your couch to knit a scarf. But for serious, I KNIT A SCARF!!! *Ahem* After 3 days of weather mayhem, I returned to a regular work schedule last Thursday, only to be greeted with a huge dirty snow-bank that needed shoveling upon my return home. Really ready for this stuff to melt. Nothing bums me out like the sight of dirty snow. Have you been staying warm? Feeling a bit cabin feverish? Sending sunshine your way! Now go enjoy these links…

10-minute lasagna (although I’d omit the olives).

Could Chipotle GET any more rad?

A gentle reminder you may need to hear today.

This neat crocheted basket would be perfect to keep all your odds and ends.

Why a Gonzaga player had to leave U.K. to find his true potential.

Say it with flowers!

Dishing about a super odd roommate.

Looking at Kentucky’s Appalachia.

I’m over here whining about a foot of snow…Extra love to Boston!


Love these adorable explanations of “The Birds and the Bees“.

Tips to avoid false memories.

P.S. And in case you missed them — my career advice and the hippest etsy shop.




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