mid-week round-up

asphalt flower

What are you up to this week? This past weekend was in the 70’s and sunny, so I had a lovely time zipping around the city and even took in an outdoor percussion concert. Can’t wait for summer adventures to begin! Have a great Wednesday, and here’s a little link love from me to you…

I wonder why people keep mentioning this story to me? #lastnameproblems

Doodle blog.

Lawmakers would have us believe that being poor is awesome.

In case you’re apartment hunting.

Grow your food! (More garden porn.)

These jokes take me back to 2002 in a BIG way.

A sweet grocery list template.

Looking at the first and final frames of great films.

Food secrets for a long life.

Marketing bifurcation is generally bullshit.


As a former forensics educator, this piece hit my heart. #LetMatthewTeach


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