Our Wedding Venue!

arts place collage

I’m so excited to have a venue booked for our wedding that I just had to share! Chet and I will be getting married this summer at ArtsPlace in downtown Lexington, KY. Built in 1904, this Beaux Arts building on the corner of North Mill Street was originally a YMCA. However, in 1979 it was converted into an arts center and I spent much of the 90’s taking ballet classes in it’s studios and studying down in the basement during workshops offered by Lexington Children’s Theater. A couple summers ago, we popped inside for a quick peek while strolling around downtown. I showed Chet one of the ballet studios I used to dance in but I was really taken aback when we saw the first floor art gallery (pictured above). The light pouring in through those unique windows was perfect and bounced playfully off the gorgeous hardwood floors. I thought it would be an absolutely lovely place to host an event. Later, I suggested the space as a venue for a work event and as that event played out I fell even more in love.

While researching possible venues for the wedding my mind just kept wandering back to ArtsPlace! And I’m so pleased we went for it. We’ll have the art gallery and performance hall (also pictured above) for our big day. The performance hall actually used to be the gym when the building was a YMCA! But I love how it’s been transformed into a light and airy space. Tall ceilings and lots of windows.

Now that this piece of the wedding planning puzzle has been sorted I feel a lot of the other pieces will start falling into place and I’d love to keep this blog updated about how we get on, if you’ll indulge me! Besides the venue, we’ve sent out notes to a few people to let them know how important they are to us and that we want them to be involved as we make this commitment to each other. Sort of informal save-the-dates, if you will. And then I’ve also designed the actual save-the-dates so that they can be sent out later this month!

We’ve just begun this process but I’m so excited to dive in!

Where did you get married? In a church? At the court-house? Outside? What did you love about it? Spill the details below!!! Not married yet? What’s your vision for the perfect venue? 

(Pictures via LexArts website.)


9 thoughts on “Our Wedding Venue!

    1. Also…we got married in the front yard of the home I grew up in. It was special to me for that reason; my home means everything to me and we’ll own it one day so it will always be a sort of constant in our lives (and always in my life).

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