Styling Photos – I need practice!

Today’s post is something a little bit different. For me, having a blog is a great incentivizer. If I want to whip up a certain meal, check out a local park, or crack out my craft box for a DIY, I just schedule a post pertaining to that subject matter and get to it. I know to write and design the post I’ll have to complete the activity first. I can’t show you guys how to make broccoli soup before I’ve actually made broccoli soup (and enjoyed it!). I can’t walk you through the Sunken Gardens in St. Pete without first walking through it myself (and snapping lots of pictures!).

So, I gave myself an assignment and decided I would share the results with all of you! You see, I need practice when it comes to photography and styling photos. Ultimately, I’d like to up my game with the sorts of images I create for this blog. The hope is that posting about practicing something I want to become better at will both incentivize the process AND keep me accountable for continuing to learn. Here goes…

The assignment: 

Style 8 photos inspired by the following categories — Pen Pals, Gettin’ Down to Business, Cook With Me, It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere, Get Ready With Me, Brand I Love, Glitter + Gold, and Currently Reading.

The results: 

Pen Pals


Gettin’ Down to Business


Cook With Me


It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere


Get Ready With Me


Brand I Love


Glitter + Gold


Currently Reading


And there you have it! I had a blast laying out these images…styling and taking photos is definitely something I enjoy but is also something that, unfortunately, sometimes becomes an afterthought when I’m creating a post. Hopefully with some more assignments like this one, the process will become quicker and a little bit more second-nature. For now, I’m happy for the practice and to slowly build up a repertoire of images I can use alongside future content.

Note: I used a Canon EOS M camera with EF-M 22mm STM lens to shoot these images.

How do you incentivize or hold yourself accountable for skills you want to master? Have any photography or photo styling tips or resources you’d like to share? Thoughts on the images above? Leave a comment! 


4 thoughts on “Styling Photos – I need practice!

    1. Just start shooting! It’s easy to get caught up in all the equipment but at the end of the day I believe you can create really beautiful images with just about anything. Start with your phone or a point and shoot and go from there. I love the daily challenges (there’s always a ton of them on Pinterest) that give you a prompt each day for what to take a picture of.

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