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mid-week round-up

Hello friends! How’s your week so far? Today is my brother’s birthday! (Happy birthday, Andy!) This time next week I’ll be headed to Kentucky to spend a few days in Lexington and then I’m off to Bowling Green for the W.K.U. Summer Forensics Institute. Gotta start turning my attentions towards packing! In the mean time, do y’all have any fun 4th of July plans? I’d love to hear! And here are some links I’ve gathered just for YOU…

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Have you tried the new fruits + greens line from larabar? They’re really delish.

Everything Queen Elizabeth eats. (A post-brekky gin and Dubonnet? How regal!)

The 21 unwritten rules of flying you’re probably breaking.
“The only acceptable place to fart on a plane is when you are walking through first class on the way to coach.”

The perfect DIY to get you in BBQ season spirit!

On skipping wedding traditions.

For your next board game night!

Made me laugh.

P.S. Finding Delight posts you have missed — Are you a word nerd? and Our wedding reception.


mid-week round-up


Hi friends! What’s going on in your world this week? Chet and I are putting plans in place for an October trip to Louisiana. (Remember this? We’re hoping to hit up Festivals Acadiens again. Mmmmm, crawfish potatoes!) Hope your day is spectacular, and if you’re in an internet-y mood, here are 12 links to keep you clicking…

Customs that are totally normal in some countries, but weird everywhere else.

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Why do tourists visit ancient ruins everywhere except the United States?

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Extreme hunger is tearing apart Venezuela.

Mother Teresa: Martyr or Myth?

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Why doesn’t Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s show nannies?

The consequences of monetizing your bliss.

So, this is going down in Lexington.

mid-week round-up


Good day to you all! What are you up to this week? We’ve weirdly gotten really into getting DVD’s in the mail from Netflix. Throwback, right?? Since Chet’s in charge of queuing them, I look forward to seeing what arrives each week. Maybe we’ll finally get to see all those Oscars movies from the past couple years. Haha! Anywho, thanks for putting up with all the wedding posts as of late. It’s been so fun to share all the details and photos. I think it will be really nice to have the posts to look back on. (And hopefully you find them fun to look at, too! Or even useful, if you’re planning your own wedding. Congrats!) Have a fantastic day, and here are some articles I think you should read…

How Elizabeth Holmes’s house of cards came tumbling down.

Why aren’t mental health professionals weighing in on Donald Trump?

Returning to Cuba 55 years after parents fled Castro’s regime.

Welp, my phone is clearly doomed.

Airlines are ill-equipped to handle accusations of sexual assault on their planes.

A decade in the life of our country’s wiliest coyote.

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Lexington should leave its urban growth boundary alone.

An abortion provider in an anti-choice state.

I’m obsessed with this perfume commercial directed by Spike Jonze.

How Stranger Things channels the female frustration of being disbelieved.

Ingredients for a super luxurious spa night.

We’re married!

wedding preview 3

wedding preview 2

wedding preview 1

After a week and a half of whirlwind last minute prep in Lexington, Chet and I got married on July 9th at Arts Place. The whole weekend was an absolute dream come true. Chet flew in from Miami on Thursday evening. I immediately whisked him away to enjoy dinner and drinks downtown with a few sweet friends who came in early to help us celebrate. On Friday, my ride-or-die ladyfriend threw me a bridal luncheon (complete with tiny hats), and that evening our tribe gathered at a local park to eat tacos and rehearse the ceremony.

I was a little nervous about getting everything done on The Big Day. The venue had to get set up and decorated the morning of. But these things have a way of working out when you have a crew of family and friends willing to go above and beyond to make sure every detail comes to life. I even had time to slip away to pick up platters of food and cake (from Good Foods Co-op!!) and grab a quick lunch/makeup date with my friend Katie. Meanwhile, Chet spent the day in a basement kitchen cooking a gumbo to feed all our guests!

Before I knew it everything was ready and my mom was twisting my hair into a gorgeous chignon. In my old ballet studio, no less! Chet and I decided to see each other before the wedding. And I’m so happy we had that time with each other to play and shake off the nerves. Our dear photographers/best friends, Carrie and Ganer, expertly ushered us around and kept us laughing.

The ceremony itself was everything I had hoped for. Our beautiful ceremony participants offered up their voices and their love and their signatures on our wedding certificate(!). My sister sang three perfect songs. Our friend Ben was the BEST officiant we could have ever asked for. The care he put into each little detail touched my heart and his words won’t ever be forgotten. 

We ate gumbo, drank local beer and wine, and danced to our favorite songs. Chad and Ganer each gave us one hell of a toast. (I’m still blushing about their kind words.) And afterwards I ate a cupcake baked by my extraordinary mom. She made TWO kinds!

Our guest list was small but full of the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet. Aunts and uncles. Friends who live too far away. Neighbors that have watched me grow up. I was humbled to have each and every one of them present on such an important day in my life.

The reception wrapped up and we kept the party going at a bar just a stone’s throw away. And stayed until closing time…reveling in all the electric love and excitement. (And, like, when you buy a gorgeous dress that you can only wear once…you gotta keep it on as long as poss, right?!)

So, that’s a little overview of how my dream wedding weekend went down. I can’t wait to show you more photos. I’ll do some more detailed posts when I get them, if you’d like! Until then, thanks so much for reading. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things here on the blog!

Photos by Sur La Lune Photography, the very best in the biz! We can’t thank them enough for the care they took with capturing this special experience while also being such an important part of the experience, too. We love you!


Our Wedding Venue!

arts place collage

I’m so excited to have a venue booked for our wedding that I just had to share! Chet and I will be getting married this summer at ArtsPlace in downtown Lexington, KY. Built in 1904, this Beaux Arts building on the corner of North Mill Street was originally a YMCA. However, in 1979 it was converted into an arts center and I spent much of the 90’s taking ballet classes in it’s studios and studying down in the basement during workshops offered by Lexington Children’s Theater. A couple summers ago, we popped inside for a quick peek while strolling around downtown. I showed Chet one of the ballet studios I used to dance in but I was really taken aback when we saw the first floor art gallery (pictured above). The light pouring in through those unique windows was perfect and bounced playfully off the gorgeous hardwood floors. I thought it would be an absolutely lovely place to host an event. Later, I suggested the space as a venue for a work event and as that event played out I fell even more in love.

While researching possible venues for the wedding my mind just kept wandering back to ArtsPlace! And I’m so pleased we went for it. We’ll have the art gallery and performance hall (also pictured above) for our big day. The performance hall actually used to be the gym when the building was a YMCA! But I love how it’s been transformed into a light and airy space. Tall ceilings and lots of windows.

Now that this piece of the wedding planning puzzle has been sorted I feel a lot of the other pieces will start falling into place and I’d love to keep this blog updated about how we get on, if you’ll indulge me! Besides the venue, we’ve sent out notes to a few people to let them know how important they are to us and that we want them to be involved as we make this commitment to each other. Sort of informal save-the-dates, if you will. And then I’ve also designed the actual save-the-dates so that they can be sent out later this month!

We’ve just begun this process but I’m so excited to dive in!

Where did you get married? In a church? At the court-house? Outside? What did you love about it? Spill the details below!!! Not married yet? What’s your vision for the perfect venue? 

(Pictures via LexArts website.)

It’s all about the #.

How funny is this video??? I’ve been feeling a lot of Lexington pride lately. How wonderful to live in a city that has such a vibrant, local community but doesn’t take itself too seriously. We live here. We know the unique and wonderful places to eat, shop, party, explore…because we dine, buy, drink, dance, hike and play at them. Why not tell people about these places? Why NOT promote tourism from the inside out?

#ShareTheLex, y’all!

P.S. Easter at the Ashland Estate.