Creating My Capsule -Sweater

CMC sweater 1



I thought it might be fun to show you guys the pieces I buy, and pull from my existing stash, on the road to my 50 Piece All-Season Capsule Wardrobe. I picked up this charcoal gray sweater at Target a couple months back and think it’s a perfect addition to my closet. I love the waffle knit! So cozy. Originally priced at $25, it was already a bargain. But I also snagged a 30% discount because I live in South Florida and winter-wear is always getting marked down! Unfortunately, living in South Florida ALSO means opportunity to wear this sweater is few and far between. It’s definitely coming with me up to Kentucky this weekend though!


4 thoughts on “Creating My Capsule -Sweater

    1. Thanks! I finally got to wear it (for longer than like an hour) when I went to KY this past weekend. There was snow on the ground and I stayed nice and bundled! haha

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