Spring/Summer 2016 Book Challenge (with suggestions!!)

book haul with feet

If one of your goals for the warmer months is to READ MORE then I have a few suggestions. First and foremost, schedule time to read! With the longer stretches of daylight upon us you can even set aside time in the evenings to devour a few chapters while sitting outside. Next, bring a book with you wherever you go! Whether you’ve got a long wait ahead of you at the pharmacy or are headed to the beach for a lazy afternoon in the sun, if you have the option to turn a few pages, you might just do so. Hopping in the car for a road trip (or maybe just a long commute)? Consider downloading an audio book or checking one out FO’ FREE at your local library. Finally, challenge yourself! Map out a few prompts for book ideas that could expand your horizons while holding you accountable.

Need some ideas? I came up with a Spring/Summer 2016 Book Challenge with a few suggestions based on books I personally loved…

Pick a book in each category for two books a month:






Have you read any of these books? Any sound interesting enough to add to your reading list? How are YOU planning to prioritize reading this Spring and Summer? I LOVE talking books, so let’s chat in the comments below!!


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