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mid-week round-up

Hello! I hope everyone in the States had some nice time off for Thanksgiving. We went to Kentucky for most of the week and spent time with my mom as well as our friends. We ate, shopped, and laughed! I am so grateful that we live closer to family and friends then we did down in South Florida. Bring on Christmas travels!! Now, I’m back into the swing of things with regular life and today I have plans to get a flu shot (BOO!) and start putting up some Christmas decor (YAY!) What are you up to?

Made me laugh.

“The enterprise of writing a book has to feel like walking into a cathedral.” – Barbara Kingsolver’s 5 writing tips.

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Reusable coffee cups? Tote bags? Here’s the truth about what you can do to be more climate-friendly.

Are people still having sex at work? An investigation.

Here’s how long it would take you to poop a lego.

What Christmas looked like 100 years ago.

The world’s most nutritious foods.

Upgrades that make your kitchen a more comfortable place to hang out.

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Amanda, please.

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Monica Lewinsky explains why she participated in a new docuseries on the Clinton affair.

How to hygge.

Thinking of ordering this to start in January, thoughts?

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Spring/Summer 2016 Book Challenge (with suggestions!!)

book haul with feet

If one of your goals for the warmer months is to READ MORE then I have a few suggestions. First and foremost, schedule time to read! With the longer stretches of daylight upon us you can even set aside time in the evenings to devour a few chapters while sitting outside. Next, bring a book with you wherever you go! Whether you’ve got a long wait ahead of you at the pharmacy or are headed to the beach for a lazy afternoon in the sun, if you have the option to turn a few pages, you might just do so. Hopping in the car for a road trip (or maybe just a long commute)? Consider downloading an audio book or checking one out FO’ FREE at your local library. Finally, challenge yourself! Map out a few prompts for book ideas that could expand your horizons while holding you accountable.

Need some ideas? I came up with a Spring/Summer 2016 Book Challenge with a few suggestions based on books I personally loved…

Pick a book in each category for two books a month:






Have you read any of these books? Any sound interesting enough to add to your reading list? How are YOU planning to prioritize reading this Spring and Summer? I LOVE talking books, so let’s chat in the comments below!!