Gift Guide 2017: Sisters, girlfriends, best friends, wives and any other lady loves!

Christmas is just around the corner! Today, I’d like to kick-off my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide with the first of four installments. I tried to find items that would suit lots of different folk at varying price points. Each gift is something I love or would love giving! I hope you find some inspiration. Happy Holidays!

An enamel pin of Frida Kahlo to add to her jean jacket’s growing collection of flair. (Etsy, $8)

Make a donation in her name to an organization or cause that is trying to make the world a better place. Think: Orca Conservancy, Border Angels, Center for Reproductive Rights, and She Should Run.

A mermaid face mask that’s like a super-food green smoothie for her skin, resulting in the ultimate glow. (Lealani Skincare, $32)

Beautiful crescent necklace to dress up any date-night outfit. (Mr. Kate, $75) (Or this gorgeous choker!)

A kit to help her concoct her very own body lotions. (Grow and Make, $30)

Vegan suede mules in a subtle dusty-blue to freshen up her go-to jeans and tee look. (Moorea Seal, $68)

A set of tapas plates to make her 3 pm snacking habit feel appropriately fancy. (Wayfair, $30)

The ultimate bag for toting farmer’s market finds and library loans. (Tom Bihn, $50)

Cotton pom pom duvet cover to give her bedroom a touch of whimsy. (Amazon, $60)

A memoir written by a pair of famous sisters. (Amazon, $12) (Or this book if she prefers pop-science reads. And this one if she’d like an inside look at an interesting life.)

A pair of wine glasses to make her giggle. (Macy’s, $10)

Cozy long-sleeve tee to remind her of the wise words of our man, Bob Ross, “Nothing in life is a mistake…just a happy accident!” (Cents of Style, $35)

P.S. Last year’s gift ideas for the ladies in your life!


20 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2017: Sisters, girlfriends, best friends, wives and any other lady loves!

  1. I was so excited to see Mr.Kate merchandise here because I love her so much! I really love the bedding and the Frida Kahlo pin! I might get it for myself.

  2. When I thought I would go to grad school, I started doing a ton of research on Frida Kahlo and her mental health as demonstrated through her art post-bus accident. I still adore her, despite giving up on that masters.

  3. What a great gift guide! I just watched a Bob Ross episode last night and darn it I want that Happy Little Trees shirt now. How cute is that?

  4. Cute gift ideas! I’m happy to say that 90% of the gifts I buy are already bought. Last couple years I’ve shopped everything during October and November to avoid panicking the last night before Christmas. I like the timing of this post though, there are still good few weeks to shop if something is missing. 🙂

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