The Ins and Outs of the Osaka Owl Multifunctional Charging Backpack

If you’ve been around these parts long enough you’ll know I’m hopelessly devoted to my Tom Bihn backpack. But when the folks at Osaka Owl asked if I’d like to try out one of their backpacks, I couldn’t resist. Even if it meant stepping out on my Synapse 19! *gasp*

I chose to check out their Multifunctional Charging Backpack. I mean CHARGING? Hello! Plus, it has a sleek design and looked like it would be fun to pack.

Here’s their pitch on the ‘pack…

“The team at OSAKA OWL has designed a backpack that gives you peace of mind and a home for everything you need to take along with you. You no longer have to worry about someone stealing your belongings, your phone running out of juice, or forgetting where you put certain must-have items within your bag.”

Color me interested. I ordered one up and couldn’t wait to test it out. Here’s what I found…

Options for organizing but not very spacious. The thing I love most about my Tom Bihn are all the little nooks and crannies that allow for a super organized bag. The Osaka Owl backpack doesn’t disappoint in this department. There is a great laptop sleeve and other little pockets to help keep everything in it’s proper place. However, you definitely couldn’t attempt any 1-bag travel with this guy. With a laptop and a few notebooks you’re pretty much at capacity. At first glance (or first unzip), I quickly realized this wouldn’t suit my travel needs but would be absolutely perfect as a work bag.

Staying charged on the go. I’m not the MOST diligent when it comes to keeping my devices charged. So I love the option of getting a quick top-up while out and about. Inside the backpack is a cord that can plug into a power bank and there’s a tiny port on the outside for conveniently charging my phone. Too cool!

A rain jacket to keep electronics safe. Tucked in a pocket in the back of the bag is a waterproof rain cover that slips over the whole bag (kind of like a shower cap!). If I’m toting my laptop, cameras, or other tech gear – aka the most expensive stuff I own – an afternoon thunderstorm can be a scary thing. And huddled under an umbrella, you have to clutch your backpack to your front to keep it from getting soaked…which kind of defeats the purpose of a BACK pack. This small addition solves that!

All packed and ready to go! Here’s how I packed the bag for a recent work-from-coffee shop outing. There are a few spots I found especially helpful in application: 1) The loops for pens and pencils mean you’re not digging to the bottom of a bag for a writing implement. 2) The dual pockets at the bottom of the bag are perfectly sized for slipping in a water bottle and keeping it upright. 3) The larger AND smaller sleeve means there’s a place to keep my laptop AND tablet nestled in (and strapped down, too!).

No unwanted guests. Other than using anti-cut material, I was wondering how the bag would ward off someone stealing my belongings–as it promises. Once I strapped on the backpack it made a bit more sense. When wearing the bag, the zipper to the main compartment isn’t accessible. It’s near the back of the bag instead of at the front like most backpacks are. While this can be a little fiddly when it comes to packing and unpacking and quickly accessing your own stuff, if you’re commuting in an area where theft is a concern I think it’s well worth the fiddlies…if you feel me.

Comfy to carry. Finally the straps, handle, padding, and overall design of the bag make it a pleasure to wear! I’m so happy and lucky to add this bag to my collection and will definitely use it to carry all my working-on-the-go essentials!!

What do you think? Would you get one? Are you a student, commuter, or coffee shop hustler on the hunt for a new bag? I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the Osaka Owl website and having a browse! (Here’s the exact one I chose, if you’re interested.) 


8 thoughts on “The Ins and Outs of the Osaka Owl Multifunctional Charging Backpack

  1. I have been wondering about these backpacks. I have about 390,392 portable phone chargers, so charging on the go isn’t an issue for me, but this does sound really convenient for my kids.

  2. It would probably make a really great carry-on, especially if you have layovers or a seat on public transit without outlet access.

  3. This backpack is super cool! I think it would be perfect for my work travels and personal ones too! I really like the charging option and the design to keep the belongings safe.

  4. Ooo now that is one awesome backpack!!! Definitely a backpack my hubby would love! So need to get him one!

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