January Grocery Haul

As I mentioned in my How I’m Kickstarting 2018 post, I want to spend more time in the produce section than anywhere else in the grocery store. So, to hold myself accountable, I thought I’d share a recent grocery haul. (I also want to start experimenting with more daily life micro-blogging in 2018 and thought this might be a fun one for that!) Here’s what I got and why I consider these items staples…

Bananas – Versatile because you can pair them with so many things. I love to have one with almond butter for my breakfast but they’re also great on top of oats, quinoa, granola, yogurt, etc.
Nectarines – Hand fruit is always good to have … on hand …for a quick portable snack. Down here in South Florida even the trash apples (sorry red delicious!) are kinda pricey but I’ve found nectarines to be affordable year-round.
Avocados – Good healthy fats for your brain and skin.
Zucchinis – I’ve cut way back on grains since our Whole 30 experiment so I love spiralizing zucchinis to replace noodles in any dish.
Pesto – Great as a topping for those spiralized zucchinis (easy lunch!) and really yummy on potatoes, too.
Bell pepper – Add an extra color to your salads or chop into sticks for a raw vegetable side with lunch.
Red onion – Great salad element (they really take it to the next level!), especially when you throw in something sweet too – like raisins or chopped dates. All about that taste balance!
Lemon – For detoxifying lemon water.
Broccoli – Yummy to add to soups or steamed up as a side.
Green lentils – I like to add these in place of grains to bulk up soups and stews for a healthy, protein-packed winter meal.
Kale – For salads or steaming but never for smoothies because my blender just isn’t strong enough, lol.
Sweet potato – Packed with Vitamin A and Beta Carotene so it’s great for your eyeballs!
Gluten-free wraps – Throw some avocados and veggies in, wrap it up!
Kefir – High in probiotics so it’s good for the gut.
Almond milk – Add it to smoothies, use it in baking, pour it over granola.
Walnuts – For salads and snacking. They’re great for your brain because they pack that Omega 3 fatty acids punch!
Kombucha – Because I’m addicted.

What are your grocery staples lately? Any tips for spending more grocery-time in the produce department and away from the convenient lure of frozen, packaged foods? Let me know! 


12 thoughts on “January Grocery Haul

  1. Looks like we have similar grocery carts! Mine has been quick oats, bananas, cauliflower, cucumbers and tomatoes, unsweetened almond milk and definitely avocados!

  2. A grocery haul? This is a new concept to me! 🙂 If I had ever thought of this I would have done a vegan milk haul while in the US – there were so many options! I’m missing their cashew milk. But back to groceries, at the moment I mostly buy fruits, veggies, meat and some whole wheat products. In the US I loved their vegan foods but in Finland the options are quite limited (or well, we have options but not good tasting options for my picky self haha!). Thanks for sharing – it’s always interesting to see what others eat and cook.

  3. Ah how cool! I’ve been so bad at planning what to eat lately so our shopping list has basically consisted of pizza making things haha. Oh wow, I need to get my shit together.

  4. mmmh love to see what other people are buying and I’m secretly always observing on the cashiers desk what others got so I can get inspired for my next grocery shopping 😀

  5. I love making bananas part of my grocery trip as they help with the muscles after going to the gym! It is always nice to see healthier alternatives to help my diet.

    1. Totally with you on the carb alternatives! I’ve been pretty dedicated to zucchinis instead of noodles but I need to get a spaghetti squash one of these days. I haven’t had one in years!

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