Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: FOR HIM

If you’re looking for a treat for a special dude in your life, here are a few fun ideas…

If he loves hitting the town…

Burgundy Pants
$16 (on sale now!)





If he loves sipping tea…

Tea Nest
Modern Artisans

…because you love him to the MOON and back!






If he loves day-dreaming at his desk…

Chicago Print
Starting at $21





If he loves admiring his growing collection…

Vinyl Record Storage
Urban Outfitters





If he loves all things British…

Cadbury Selection Box 

…because British Cadbury is the BEST CADBURY!




If he loves making a statement…

Felt Letter Board





If he loves traveling the world…

Oxford Travel Backpack
Osaka Owl

…because it will become his TRUSTY SIDEKICK!




BONUS: Check out the awesome cards from Hello Lucky. …because doesn’t everyone want to receive a sweet note on Valentine’s Day? (I especially like this one and this one. And this one made me laugh!)

P.S. More gift ideas for guys!

Which would suit YOUR dude? (or which would you like to receive?) Do you and your partner swap gifts for Valentine’s Day? What are you getting them? Spill!! ❤ 


12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: FOR HIM

  1. I love everything in this guide! I only wish I had a boyfriend to buy a gift for. Until then, Valentine’s day with girl friends would be great as well! Enjoy the day dear!

  2. Oh that tea nest is super cute! Too bad my fiancée doesn’t drink tea but I could buy that for myself haha. 🙂 Overall, great tips. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  3. These are wonderful gift ideas! My hubby isn’t a type for any of these – but I could get him (krhm, me) that letter board haha!

  4. Girls are always confused about what they should get their guys and this looks like an amazing list! Since I dont have a him I might get some for myself hehehe I really love the Chicago print, felt letter board and Cadbury selection box!

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