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mid-week round-up

What have you been up to, loves? Chet and I saw this movie on Saturday — highly recommend! And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…squee!! Any plans? (Ours involve margaritas.) Hope you have a love-filled rest of your week, and here are some entertaining links I’ve gathered from my favorite corners of the internet…

Slopeside shenanigans, gallons of sprayed champagne…all in a day’s work at Aspen.

Academy unveils the 4 Oscar categories to be presented during commercial breaks. ūüė¶

Pret a Manger is opening a hostel for homeless people in London.

How to spend 48 hours in Cusco.

I weirdly love these sneakers (in camel). Yes or no?

These women want the right to compete in big-wave contests – and get paid as much as men do.

Do you have a Ko-fi page? Here’s mine.

13 date night dinner ideas for Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Germany’s real-life “Swing Kids.”

Many of the most enduring 20th century children’s book titles share a secret language of queer compassion.

The top trends for 2019 according to Pinterest.

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Next book club book is this one. Get the whole list HERE.

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mid-week round-up

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I hope you all are having a love-filled day! How are you celebrating the holiday? Of course today is the middle of the week so must of us are spending the day working. But do you have anything special planned? Chet and I are having a nice dinner at home and will exchange a few surprises. (Eeee!) But for now, here are some links you may want to peruse…

How much an out gay Olympian could mean to a kid now‚ÄĒor to a 34-year-old who‚Äôs been waiting for it his whole life.

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A glimpse at Appalachia’s feminist protest music.

This bedroom wall is so magical!

The easiest crusty bread recipe ever. Yum!

My trusty (and super cheap) mini backpack has about had it. Should I upgrade?

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A new report finds that slavery is mistaught and often sentimentalized‚ÄĒand students are alarmingly misinformed as a result.

Small wonder that films about female friendships have traditionally fared so poorly with critics. Look who’s writing the reviews.

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More and more Americans experience eviction, and gentrification is partly to blame.

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A brief history of how women got tricked into shaving.

Should I do 100 squats every day for 30 days?

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Are Busy Phillip’s IG stories making anyone else want to get a rebounder?

Finally, if you have Le Tote, they are having an AMAZING end of season sale. (And if you don’t have Le Tote, you should sign up. <-use that link and get your first tote on me. Seriously!)

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: FOR HIM

If you’re looking for a treat for a special dude in your life, here are a few fun ideas…

If he loves hitting the town…

Burgundy Pants
$16 (on sale now!)





If he loves sipping tea…

Tea Nest
Modern Artisans

…because you love him to the MOON and back!






If he loves day-dreaming at his desk…

Chicago Print
Starting at $21





If he loves admiring his growing collection…

Vinyl Record Storage
Urban Outfitters





If he loves all things British…

Cadbury Selection Box 

…because British Cadbury is the BEST CADBURY!




If he loves making a statement…

Felt Letter Board

…because CUSTOMIZABLE!¬†




If he loves traveling the world…

Oxford Travel Backpack
Osaka Owl

…because it will become his TRUSTY SIDEKICK!




BONUS: Check out the awesome cards from Hello Lucky. …because doesn’t everyone want to receive a sweet note on Valentine’s Day? (I especially like this one and this one. And this one made me laugh!)

P.S. More gift ideas for guys!

Which would suit YOUR dude? (or which would you like to receive?) Do you and your partner swap gifts for Valentine‚Äôs Day? What are you getting them? Spill!!¬†‚̧¬†

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: FOR HER

If you’re looking for a treat for a special lady in your life, here are a few fun ideas…

If she loves hitting the town…

Red Dress

…because BELL SLEEVES!




If she loves sipping coffee…

Gnome Mug
Modern Artisans

…because GNOMES!




If she loves day-dreaming at her desk…

Little Bird Desk Pets
Modern Artisans

…because WHIMSY!




If she loves admiring her growing collection…

Wine Rack
The Shelving Store





If she loves all things French…

Moorea Seal

…because TRES CHIC!


If she loves making a statement…

Smash the Patriarchy Hoops
Moorea Seal

…because HELLO?!




If she loves traveling the world…

Airplane Quilt
Belle & June

…because it will remind her of all her journeys and COZY!




BONUS: Check out the awesome cards from Hello Lucky. …because doesn’t everyone want to receive a sweet note on Valentine’s Day?¬†(I especially like this one and this one. And this one made me laugh!)

P.S. One of my very favorite Valentine’s Day gifts.

Ladies – Which would you like to receive? Do you and your partner swap gifts for Valentine’s Day? What are you getting them? Spill!! ‚̧¬†

mid-week round-up

closeup on flowers

What are you up to this week?¬†My very favorite guilty pleasure, MTV’s The Challenge, started up again with a new season! I don’t have cable but I’m super stoked to watch it online today. I’m probably the last person in the world of my advanced age who still watches this show. (BUT I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE!) This weekend we have plans to check out a new brunch spot and maybe take the drone out for a flight. Hope you have a great day, and here’s some reading material…

I’ll be making these chocolate crescent rolls as soon as humanly possible. (Although I may cheat and use this.)

A checklist for staying in vs. going out on Valentine’s Day.

Would you wear navy pants with tiny dinosaurs on them?

A young Wikipedia editor withstood a decade of online abuse. Now she’s fighting back. “When people get forced off the web, their voices disappear from the internet‚Äôs public squares. The ideas and memes that dominate skew even further toward a white male perspective. The web becomes less interesting, less representative, less valuable. We all lose.

A shortage of incubators and a hunch about marsupials inspired a Colombian doctor to try something radical to save premature babies’ lives.

Mysteriously, a large number of Americans believe that the inventor of the cotton gin, Eli Whitney, was black. (Could this be an example of the Mandela effect?)

Mystery of deadly outbreaks in India is solved.

The real Bowling Green Massacre wasn’t even in Kentucky.

I can’t get over how cute these classroom valentines are. Which would you choose?

Modern Etiquette: Handling difficult conversations online.

What is Steve Bannon reading?
“Mr. Bannon was carrying a book, and when an incoming president‚Äôs guru is reading a book, you should find out what it is. I walked by and peeked. It was ‚ÄúThe Best and the Brightest,‚ÄĚ David Halberstam‚Äôs 1972 history of the strategic errors and human foibles that birthed the disastrous American involvement in the Vietnam War. It begins with John F. Kennedy‚Äôs transition to the White House, in December 1960. Now I really knew it was him.”

How to avoid being psychologically destroyed by your newsfeed.

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What I got for Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, Chet surprised me by having a package sent to my doorstep. We waited until the night of the 14th to open our gifts to each other, as my Louisiana-love had a Mardi Gras parade to attend (of which he sent me lots of videos and pictures so I could feel like I was there, too). I sent him a little care package complete with loose tea, Sharpie pens and other bits and bobs. While I was the recipient of this adorable bento box!






The dividers inside each box can be moved around to create a number of different configurations or completely removed, so it’s quite customizable, and the whole kit and caboodle packs up in to this matching drawstring bag.¬†Wouldn’t it make even a simple packed lunch feel fancy?

If you’d like to learn more about bento, watch the BEGIN Japanology episode on the subject¬†here. Then, search “bento box lunches” in Pinterest and say goodbye to the next 30 minutes or so!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day! How did you celebrate the day? Did you exchange gifts with your sweetheart?