Classic Items You Need in Your Wardrobe

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There are some items that are absolute classics, and every gal should have them in their wardrobe. Classics are classic for a reason. They have stayed around because the style is long lasting, and no matter what fad fashions might come along, these ones are here to stay. Many of these items are simple, but very versatile too, so you can put them with anything and you have an outstanding outfit with little to no effort. Classics are simple and can usually be dressed up for a dinner with the in-laws, or dressed down for going out for lunch with friends. Whatever your style is, you can add these classic items in your wardrobe! They will make your life easier, getting dressed in the morning much simpler, and will make your look, well — a lot more classic!

Skinny Jeans

These pants are the work-horses of many women’s wardrobes. Skinny jeans are great because they go with just about anything from glamorous tops for a night out, to baggy oversized tees for wearing throughout the day while on a day trip with your other half. Skinny jeans are a fairly neutral option if you plan on pairing them with a statement piece of clothing or something very colorful on top. They even look great dressed down with converse or vans, or even heels. Black, to white washed, to even white in the summer, skinny jeans are good for all types of weather and looks. If you don’t have a pair already, grab a couple to put in your wardrobe for this classic look.

Leather Jacket

This adds a touch of bad-ass to any look, and can shield against an autumn breeze, or a windy summer night. Whatever your style, there are loads of leather jackets out there to suit you. You can find  women’s jackets in all kinds of styles, from covered in studs for a punk-look, to half sleeves, or even textured with patterns. A leather jacket can put the finishing touches on an otherwise blah outfit. Going out for drinks? Add a black leather jacket and suddenly you have a touch of glamour, and your whole look becomes a little more dressed up. The color means it goes with just about anything as well, so like skinny jeans, you can wear it with any style, no matter what your night holds. 

Silk Blouse

These are fun because you can find many different colors and designs, and get creative with the kind of silk blouses you have in your wardrobe. You can rock aztec designs, to big bold 80s prints; whatever takes your fancy, there is a blouse out there for you. The silk also means that the material looks luxurious, and is less likely to crease and look untidy. Silk blouses are great to dress up any work outfit, and make going to the office just that bit more exciting. Or you can wear them out to dinner in the evening. Versatility for the win! Silk shirts can make you look put together, and add that slight air of sophistication whatever you decide to do in them. Bonus: they look great with those skinny jeans and black leather jacket! 

The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a wonderful counterpart to leather jackets, and gives a totally different feel to your outfit. If you’re going to a concert, or a picnic in the park, throw on a denim jacket for an extra layer of warmth. (They also look adorable tied around your waist when you need to cool off!) They look great on colder days too, and are a perfect layering piece on top of hoodies, wool sweaters, and band t-shirts. Definitely consider adding this classic item to your wardrobe. 

These are just a few of the classic items that I believe most people would benefit from keeping in their wardrobes. But if you want to go down the rabbit hole for more items, you’re in luck! I’m a sucker for these type of posts. Check out —

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Start building a wardrobe of versatile items, and you can mix and match to your hearts delight.

What 4 items do you consider your closet staples? I’d love to hear! xoxo

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