mid-week round-up

What it do, baby-boos? Yesterday I brought back my favorite South Florida perk — the 2 p.m. break from work to to take a dip in the pool!!! Now I’m just struggle-bussin’ it through the last half of the work week when all I wanna do is drink boulevardiers, watch this docu-series on Netflix that everyone’s been raving about, and make pocket letters. Eeps! Weekend where are you??? Hope you’ve got some enticing weekend plans in mind, and here are a few links I found fascinating…

Why is there so much focus on no-platforming at elite universities, when hundreds of colleges across America regularly suppress speech?

Starting your day in a way that works for YOU.

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The 33 most exciting new books of 2018.

The maternity care desert in Washington D.C.

A teenager told police all about his gang, MS-13. In return, he was slated for deportation and marked for death.

Gun fatalism is reasonable in a terrifying country.

Native American lacrosse teams reported racial abuse. Then their league expelled them.

Smashing guiding’s glass ceiling.

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How women see how male authors see them.

As gentrification closes in, immigrants in Lincoln Heights see their American dream slipping away.

The weird true story of the rise and fall of the waterbed.

The most Instagrammed location in every state. (Summer road trip inspiration!!)

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17 thoughts on “mid-week round-up

  1. It’s weird to me that the most photographed place in Virginia is just Virginia Beach…uhhh..?! There is so much to see here besides VB, which I think is dirty and tacky so maybe that’s why I’m struggling to understand. I would think it would be McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail, or Colonial Williamsburg, or Natural Bridge. Anything but VB!

      1. That’s in Roanoke!! (Or well, just outside of it…you’d stay there if you went to visit it!) If you ever plan to go you have to tell me!!

  2. I need to check all the 33 new books! I might find something new for me. Followed on Instagram as well.

  3. Oh no, what a travel fever I have once again. I went trough the entire list of the most instagrammable places in every state. I miss the US too bad and I’d love to explore all those. And I actually realized that only one I’ve seen of those is the Empire State. I should fix this asap! 🙂

  4. Absolutely loved that list of the most instagrammable places! I’m thinking that I should do one of Finland now. Although, makes me wonder if my family is keen to a road trip around the country after the whole Norway thing 😀

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