The one small thing I do every day to put myself in a good mood…

Years ago, I found myself in a bit of a rut. No matter how hard I tried life wasn’t turning out the way I had hoped and the pressure to turn things around started to feel like a black cloud rather than a rainbow of possibility.

Then one day, something changed.

I decided I would spend my drive to work (at a job I never expected to have) looking for things that would make me smile. A sweet old labrador lumbering down the sidewalk. A pair of siblings running to their bus stop. Weird license plates. Light hitting a puddle just so.

In the span of my 15 minute commute I went from grumpy to great! I continued to practice this exercise every day and was dumb-founded at the difference it made. Suddenly I was “finding delight” in the present moment instead of worrying about the future or what my life should look like.

Now, I still make time to seek out things I delight in every day. Whether this means looking out for things that make me smile when I’m stuck in Miami traffic (I clocked that burger graffiti pictured above while waiting at an intersection) or reading an article just for fun or asking myself “What will bring me joy today?” and then doing THAT. Just taking a few minutes to shift my perspective to the present moment works wonders. It’s the easiest, and simplest, way I know to turn my mood around!

So, I’d love to know — What made you smile today? If you’re still struggling for an answer, take a look around RIGHT NOW and look for something to delight in. What do you see? Thanks for sharing! 


19 thoughts on “The one small thing I do every day to put myself in a good mood…

  1. That’s actually an amazing idea! I’m going to have to put it in test when I’m returning to work. I already feel a bit anxious about it.

  2. Absolutely love this! I do a lot of this and always try to see something beautiful and fun around me – my product design teacher used to always tell us to look up as well and you’ll notice things you never have before.

  3. That’s a great way of seeing things, something like always seeing the glass half-full! I am happy and smiled today because we managed to find homes for 6 little puppies and also got their mother to the vet, to have sterilisation. (she is a homeless dog)

  4. Lovely! Today one random person in the university gave me great time with his persona. 🙂 I also enjoy laughing at license plates. Thanks for sharing this! Finding delight in small things every day is a great skill to make your life happier.

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