10 Tiny Changes You Can Make to Help Save the Planet (& MONEY!)

save the planet and money too

Friends, let’s talk about a few tiny lifestyle changes I think everyone should make. 

What do you say? Do you want to do something (that’s like, totally easy!) on behalf of Mother Earth? Do you want to save money in the process???

Kind of a no-brainer, right? Here are 10 things that are so tiny you could totally implement them all at once (or maybe already have but need a gentle reminder to get back on track and/or recommit)…

The Power of Power Strips

Utilize power strips so you can switch off power to appliances and chargers when they’re not in use.

Put Your Laptop to Bed

Why should your laptop be awake when you’re asleep?! Help your computer catch some much needed zzz’s by switching it off overnight.

Shop the Bulk Bins for Snacks

Snack foods have a ton of unnecessary packaging. Grab a reusable container and hit up the bulk food section at your local market. A great earth saving snack option? Popcorn! Microwave popcorn bags are often lined with harmful chemicals. So go the old fashioned route with bulk kernels, a pan, and some oil.

Go Flexitarian

Did you know it takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef? Find ways to limit your meat consumption. You can start by choosing one meat-free day a week and work your way up from there. I recommend checking out this cookbook.

Eco-Friendly Periods

There are some pretty great options when it comes to waste-free menstruation. Period panties! Menstrual cups!

Say “No” to Flea Collars

If you’re a pet owner you know sometimes fleas happen — but flea collars don’t need to. Not only do they not biodegrade, but they’re also loaded with carcinogens. Try a topical treatment instead. Or give these homeopathic remedies a go.

Recycle Gift Wrap

Get your creative juices flowing when you give gifts by wrapping them in recycled materials. You could use cloth, newspapers, or even keep a box of wrapping paper you’ve received. More ideas here.

Bring Your Bags

Here’s an obvious one — reusable shopping bags. (flip & tumble is my go-to. They even have a wine bag!) Make sure to have your own bags in tow whenever you hit up a store!

Toss in a “Dryer Buddy”

Ditch the dryer sheets and toss in a dryer buddy instead. Add a drop or two of essential oils to your buddy if you’re after softness AND a scent boost.

Cold Cycles are So Hot Right Now

As in they’re so in! Wash those clothes cold, henny.

Ok folks, 10 tiny changes. The Earth will thank you! PLUS — You’ll be paying for less power, packaging, pads, meat, plastic, wrapping paper, and hot water…SOOOO…

What do you have to lose?! Start saving the planet (& money) today!!!

Have you made these changes already? If not, what’s holding you back? Let’s talk implementation in the comments below!


13 thoughts on “10 Tiny Changes You Can Make to Help Save the Planet (& MONEY!)

  1. These are great suggestions! I love shopping with my gorgeous shopping basket, it’s not always the most practical but it does look good! I always wash my clothes on cold, but I hadn’t heard of a ‘dryer buddy’ and we are trying to cut down on our meat consumption as that is a cause that my husband is championing in our house! Charlie xo

  2. I hear you girl – I *always* carry a little foldable shopping bag with me in case the need to shop occurs, I turn off all appliances from the wall before bed (why does telly need lekky when I’m in bed for [hopefully] 8 hours I will never know) and I recycle gift paper and bags… the only thing I haven’t yet been convinced of is moon cups – I don’t know why I am so apprehensive about them, they sound great and everyone I know who uses them loves em!
    Katja xxx

    1. They can seem a bit daunting before trying but I encourage you to give it a go! There are a lot of new brands on the market that are cheaper then the og’s so if you decide it’s not for you it’s not as big a blow to the wallet. 🙂

  3. I absolutely love these ideas! And I’m buzzing over the fact that people are becoming more and more conscious about their choices considering our precious planet each and each day. Yes!

  4. I’ve actually started selling re-usable water bottles, with very small profit margin, and use the profits to pay for Facebook ads to reach more people. My goal is to get everyone using these bottles instead of single use plastics. I may be a dreamer but for each person I can get one of these sold to, I can reach hundreds of others to spread the awareness. It’s a start anyways.

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