Great YouTube Channel for Practicing Spanish (lifelong learning FTW!)

You KNOW I’m a huge proponent of lifelong learning. Well, living in Miami these last few years offered an amazing perk in that department. I got to practice Spanish pretty much every day! Now that we’ve moved to Alabama, these daily conversations in my non-native tongue are one of the things I miss most!

While I’d love to explore other options, I know that YouTube is an amazing (and FREE) resource for language learning. I recently stumbled upon the Spanish language channel Superholly (and the accompanying Superholly English).

If you’re interested in working on your Spanish skills, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Holly’s videos.

I especially love this recent video about her upbringing across countries and languages…

(Here it is in English…)

…because my childhood also included learning foreign languages and living in foreign countries. 🙂 And I have my parents to thank for that, too.

I also really enjoyed binge watching this series about Nahuatl…

How do you practice foreign languages as an adult? Do you ever use YouTube for immersion purposes? I’d love to hear!

P.S. YouTube channels for travel inspo and lifelong ballerinas!


7 thoughts on “Great YouTube Channel for Practicing Spanish (lifelong learning FTW!)

  1. I would love to learn to speak another language fluently but have a hard time when I have no reason to use it. Maybe I’ll add that back to my bucket list!
    I didn’t know you grew up living in other countries! Have you written much about that here, perhaps before I came along and started reading, or is that something you haven’t covered much on the blog before?

    1. Probably just mentioned it early on. 🙂 I lived in Vienna, Austria for part of elementary school and in Dublin, Ireland for a year when I was in high school. And in the states I went to Spanish Immersion public school (so half the day was in English/half in Spanish). Definitely not as extensive to be considered a “Third Culture Kid” but I do think my parents prioritized language learning, travel, and cultural immersion in a similar way as this YouTuber’s parents did. 🙂 And I am so grateful to them for that!

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