Painting Party with Date Night In Box

If there is one thing I love, it’s a craft project. Whether it be a pocket letter, a way to display polaroids, or some holiday decor; busting out the washi tape or a glue gun is my idea of self-care! And what better way to double the fun than get Chet in on the action, too.

We recently received our very first Date Night In Box and the theme was *drumroll please* “Painted With Love.” How fun is that?!

Before the box even came in the mail, I got an email with  links to a printable invitation and a personalized music playlist. They really cover ALL the details!

But as soon as I took this puppy out of the mailbox, I was even MORE impressed. The packaging was so adorable and really stuck with the whole painting theme–pantone, water-color REALNESS! Both the printable invitation and the box itself really invoked the idea of a paint and wine class, something I’ve always wanted to do as a date but never got around to. Now our own personal version was showing up at my door! What luck!!

The box came equipped with everything we needed to make our painting date a reality. Tucked inside were a couple canvases, paint and paintbrushes, and other supplies to make the night a success!

There was also a newsletter which had a bunch of recipes to take the date to the next level with a dinner, along with suggestions for movies that would follow the artistic theme of the night…

…as well as a “Colors of Love” quiz to keep the fun conversations flowing.

I LOVE when all parts of an evening are on-theme…so satisfying, LOL!

And the best part? I didn’t have to do any of the planning! Everything I needed to create this meaningful and memorable date night was right at my fingertips.

Interested in enjoying a monthly date night from the comfort of your own home? Consider a subscription to Date Night In Boxes. Every month features a new theme for you and your partner to enjoy! 


8 thoughts on “Painting Party with Date Night In Box

    1. I totally do! 🙂 When everything is already planned out…I’m WAY more likely to actually follow through. I’m all about eliminating decision fatigue and these boxes mean I don’t have to DECIDE on a fun date night activity (or buy the materials, or think about the menu)…I just bust out the box. 😉

  1. My husband and I used to be regulars at a ‘Drink and Draw’ night that one of our local bars used to run. They sadly stopped it years ago – but this sounds like the perfect way for us to bring that back!! I love the sound of this! Charlie xo

  2. What a wonderful creative box. I am not so into DiY and things like that but I think I would love doing something creative and different every month.

  3. Date in a Box? What a fantastic idea! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some dinner and drinks dates but sometimes it’s just fun to do stuff together without getting into our glad rags! I’m not a very gifted “artiste”, BUT who cares, if I’m having fun with my BFF hubby.
    Katja xxx

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