Do or Don’t: Command Centers

The offending wall. (She’s naked!!!)

One HUGE advantage to our little home in Alabama is that I have a dedicated home office. I love having a space for my desk that’s not about one foot away from where I sleep (like it was in Miami!). I also have a closet (for overflow crap), some drawer storage for craft supplies, a book shelf, and a comfy chair by the window (mostly for my cat/office assistant lol).

But one piece of my home office puzzle that I haven’t quite figured out yet? One big, blank wall. I have my desk against one wall, and all the others either have a door or a window, but then there’s a HUGE blank canvas on the other side.

I’ve been picking up pieces here and there for a potential gallery wall…but then I stumbled upon an idea on Pinterest. A command center! Many examples that I found seemed to be more geared towards household/large family management, yet I think they could be adapted to fit a freelancer’s needs! What do you think?

Here are 5 inspiring examples…

(From Beneath My Heart)

(From The Happy Housie)

(From Sarah Rosemary)

(From The Idea Room)

(From Simply September)

What do you think? Have you ever made a command center? Do you think having one in a home office would be helpful?


3 thoughts on “Do or Don’t: Command Centers

  1. I love the idea. Are you looking for it to take up the whole wall? How would you personalize it? I’d want to incorporate some visual reminder or tracking of smaller goals. Learning Spanish or working out or letter writing. -M

    1. I’m thinking a command center meets gallery wall (so including art and photos and such) would fill up most of the wall. I like how the more family-oriented versions have bins or clipboards for each family member–I could use this approach for different clients or different parts of my life (work, blog, bills, etc).

      I love the visual goal tracking idea! A few years back, a friend of mine made basically the adult version of a sticker chart to track habits and I’d love to do something like that!

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