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mid-week round-up


What have you been up to this week? Did you know 1.23 billion chicken wings are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday, nearly four for every American? It’s safe to say I ate my quota! Did you do anything fun for the big game? Besides football, my TV has been glued to this show. Have you seen it? I would highly recommend! Especially if you’re mourning the loss of Parenthood or, like me, you have a girl crush on Gaby Hoffman. Hope you have a fun week, and here are some of my favorite links of the day…

Kindergarten teacher turned twerker.

Fascinating article for former (and current) speech gals like me.

Wouldn’t this be pretty trimming a window or a gallery wall?

Good morning!

This song has been on repeat lately in my neck of the woods.

There are just no words.

Super affordable e-courses if you’re feeling all winter-time cooped and have an itch to get creative.

Get ready to laugh! 

Behind the scenes with a stock photo model.

Ladies and gentleman, THIS is true royalty.

Children, play and the Holocaust.

Victim of “revenge porn” fights back.


P.S. My art collection and my reading habits. ❤