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mid-week round-up


Late on the links today, darlings, too busy taking in views like the one above. ; ) We made our way to Berea, KY earlier to hike about on the Indian Fort Mountain Trail (otherwise known as The Pinnacles), a part of the Berea College Department of Forestry. Indian Fort is one of the oldest managed private forests in the United States. We also checked out some craft stores, got some tea at Berea Coffee and Tea, walked around Berea College’s campus and chowed down at Papa Leno’s. Now to couch potato it up, watch Rupaul’s Drag Race and round up some links for y’all!

Kentucky Senate candidates both get loud about coal.

A huge setback for women’s rights.

Are food deserts to blame for rise in crime?

Round-up of hospital stories, if the subject strikes your fancy and you’re in a book readin’ mood.

When I decide to take my crock-potting to the next level I’d like to try this.

Why we should care about Monica Lewinsky…even now.

Coveting a pair of these convertible pants to have on hand for future adventures.

Fascinating Twentieth-Century pregnancy narrative from Rio de Janeiro.

Savory French Toast recipe. Would have never thought of this!

One school district does away with traditional public schools.

What a difference a couple years makes.

Sometimes the American dream means being mobile.

Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week! You’re doing a great job!!! ❤

A trip to Salato Wildlife Center!


Last Friday, Chet and I strapped on our new trailrunners, packed up lunch and hit the road for a quick half hour drive to Frankfort, KY to visit the Salato Wildlife Center. I can not recommend this place enough. Their grounds include free fishing lakes and hiking trails. For just $4 for adults you can see a bunch of sweet animals, interactive exhibits and educational material about indigenous plants and wildlife. We arrived a little after 11am and decided to pay to check out all the animals first thing.

We spent about 2 hours wandering around amongst fish, turtles, deer, bobcats, eagles and all sorts of critters native to the state. There were animals and exhibits both indoors and out, as well as a really cool “living stream” complete with a waterfall and a view of what was going on “under the sea” from indoors. My favorite animals were the bison; Chet’s favorite were all the fish.

We had seen a sign saying the days free educational program was at the bobcat area so we swung by to check it out. We learned the zoological term “enrichment” basically means yoking up the animals to promote species-specific behaviors. The gal leading the program yoked the bobcats up in a variety of manners, my favorite of which involved giving the cats big ice cubes to play with because, funnily enough, this is Wink’s FAVORITE enrichment. We have now taken to calling it enrichment whenever we are playing with Wink.

After the bobcat program,  we hit the trails. This was a super fun 4.5 mile hike, no steep inclines (Franklin Co. is by no means mountainous) just lots of switchbacks and ruins to explore. We walked through some fire nettle, which provided an interesting 20 minutes or so of feeling like my legs were on fire, and got our fair share of chigger bites…welcome to Kentucky!

Once we got off trail we rested at a picnic table in the shade to chug water, eat a little snack and hang out with some geese and duckies. We also walked down to the fishing lake to scope out a good spot for a future trip to cast out (Salato will loan you fishing poles for free! You just have to bring your own bait. Score!). We headed home sweaty and blissed-out from an awesome day outside in the sun in plenty of time to cook dinner. Here are some snaps from our day!























What adventures have you been embarking on lately? I’d love to hear.