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mid-week round-up

Happy Wednesday!! How’s everyone’s week going? Although we had yucky weather all weekend (keeping us out of any water), we still managed to have a lovely time soaking up the last days of summer. We ate at a new restaurant, explored, hit up an arcade (I love a good pinball machine!), and watched this wacky movie (have you seen it?). Now it’s back to the grind with a productive week. But before I get tucked in with work, let’s link…

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Making a beach kit!

homestead beach palm tree

One of the biggest perks to living in Miami is enjoying beautiful weather pretty much year round. Of course there’s all sorts of thunderstorms to contend with. But when it’s nice, it is niiiiice. Like throw on a pair of shorts and lounge by some water nice. Like never have to wear real shoes unless you really want to nice. Like pinch me is this vacation or is this real life….nice.

To take full and complete advantage, we’ve resolved to hit up our favorite beach on as many clear-sky Saturdays as possible. It’s an amazing way to re-charge the batteries and soak up some Vitamin D before heading back into the week.

We wake up on Saturday mornings, drink coffee, throw on clothes, load the car, pick up supplies along the way, and sit our butts in the sand as soon as humanly possible. BUT! Last week we decided we could expedite this process by creating a beach kit. We would simply keep a stock of needed items in the trunk of the car. Genius! This way, we can get out the door even faster and even make impromptu trips on non-planned beach days when the stars align and we find we have some time on our hands. Or when a beach pops out of nowhere just begging to be enjoyed (Hey, we’re in Florida. It happens!).

Our beach kit consists of…

Now, I know this post may seem a little out of the realm of your own possibility. Most of the country is experiencing a little thing called WINTER, you might be saying! I understand. But I still think a little preparation goes a long way in making sure you actually get outside as much as possible.

When I was further north I can remember, especially in Winter, wanting to capitalize on those rare and beautiful sunny days whenever they reared their lovely heads. I would sit at work in my nice clothes wanting nothing more than to be strolling in a park or hitting a hiking trail. But by the time my work day was through and I ran home to put sneakers and “play clothes” on…the sun would be setting, the temperature dropping. If only I had kept a spare pair of shoes and pants in my car!

Consider what outdoor activity you may like to do a little more of this winter and make doing it as easy as possible. Throw your hiking boots in the trunk! Keep a soccer ball in your office! Put your roller-blades by the front door!

Let’s all play outside more in 2016.

A trip to Salato Wildlife Center!


Last Friday, Chet and I strapped on our new trailrunners, packed up lunch and hit the road for a quick half hour drive to Frankfort, KY to visit the Salato Wildlife Center. I can not recommend this place enough. Their grounds include free fishing lakes and hiking trails. For just $4 for adults you can see a bunch of sweet animals, interactive exhibits and educational material about indigenous plants and wildlife. We arrived a little after 11am and decided to pay to check out all the animals first thing.

We spent about 2 hours wandering around amongst fish, turtles, deer, bobcats, eagles and all sorts of critters native to the state. There were animals and exhibits both indoors and out, as well as a really cool “living stream” complete with a waterfall and a view of what was going on “under the sea” from indoors. My favorite animals were the bison; Chet’s favorite were all the fish.

We had seen a sign saying the days free educational program was at the bobcat area so we swung by to check it out. We learned the zoological term “enrichment” basically means yoking up the animals to promote species-specific behaviors. The gal leading the program yoked the bobcats up in a variety of manners, my favorite of which involved giving the cats big ice cubes to play with because, funnily enough, this is Wink’s FAVORITE enrichment. We have now taken to calling it enrichment whenever we are playing with Wink.

After the bobcat program,  we hit the trails. This was a super fun 4.5 mile hike, no steep inclines (Franklin Co. is by no means mountainous) just lots of switchbacks and ruins to explore. We walked through some fire nettle, which provided an interesting 20 minutes or so of feeling like my legs were on fire, and got our fair share of chigger bites…welcome to Kentucky!

Once we got off trail we rested at a picnic table in the shade to chug water, eat a little snack and hang out with some geese and duckies. We also walked down to the fishing lake to scope out a good spot for a future trip to cast out (Salato will loan you fishing poles for free! You just have to bring your own bait. Score!). We headed home sweaty and blissed-out from an awesome day outside in the sun in plenty of time to cook dinner. Here are some snaps from our day!























What adventures have you been embarking on lately? I’d love to hear.