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How I’m Kickstarting 2018…and my RESOLUTION

Hey guys! Happy New Year! Here are 6 things I want to do in January to help me kickstart a healthy and happy 2018 (and hopefully lay the foundation for new habits I can carry out all year long!!)…

  1. Drink more water – This is pretty much my life’s mission at all times of the year and while I’m not bad at hydration there’s always room for improvement! I’ve been trying to up my game with lots of freshly squeezed lemons and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Cut out sugar – Our Whole 30 really taught me how much better I feel when I cut sugar out of my life. I tried to stay away from the stuff as much as possible after the 30 days but then the holiday season hit and all bets were off. Back to natural sweeteners only in January!
  3. Yoga – While I’ve been pretty happy with my workouts lately, I really want to reconnect with yoga in a deeper way for a bit of a mind, body, soul REBOOT. Lucky for me 2 of my YouTube yoga faves (Yoga with Adriene and Bad Yogi) are kicking off 2018 with yoga challenges. I’m planning to practice yoga daily for the month of January (and maybe longer depending on how I’m feeling) and then transition back to my regular workout regimen. (If you want a post on what that looks like let me know!)
  4. Stock up on produce – I’m always a fan of shopping the periphery of the grocery store as opposed to the aisles, I want to pay special attention to the produce section to kick off my 2018. This means I’ll be focusing on adding more fruits and veggies to my meals but also experimenting with new produce and trying to find fun ways to up my intake.
  5. Streamline sleep schedule – I’ve gotta be honest, my sleep schedule is all over the place. I’m forever going to bed and getting up at different times and not giving my body a chance to acclimate to a single schedule. And with an insane work schedule over the last month or so, it was pretty much impossible to do anything about it. Now that things have settled a bit, I’m ready to find a sleep schedule that will work for me for the long haul.
  6. Daily chores – And finally, I love finding ways to eliminate decision fatigue. So in January I’d like to find ways to make household chores a little more rote and taking up a little less brain space. This month is the experimentation phase but hopefully it will pay off with an implementation phase!

While I have other (how shall we say? loftier?) resolutions for 2018, this year I want to try and focus on what I can do NOW. These healthy lifestyle changes are where I’m starting in January. And I have a similar, bite-size approach for my other goals…relationship goals, professional goals, even goals for this lil ol’ blog!

I’ve always been more of an ideas person than an action person and I guess if I’m being real with myself that’s my biggest resolution for 2018. To change that. To take more steps forward on one idea before I’m on to the next. Wish me luck!

What about you? How are you kickstarting 2018? How do you approach New Year’s Resolutions? I’m so excited for all the possibilities this year holds. Wishing you all a wonderful start to 2018!!! xoxo