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mid-week round-up

subway station

What’s new in your world, friends? Another busy week over in these parts! This past Saturday one of my very dearest friends, Katie, came to visit and we had a wonderful time eating delicious bar-b-q, taking long meandering walks, sipping drinks and just generally catching up (read: gossiping). I always spend our visits laughing! Monday I learned that Chet is an awesome bowler…I had no idea! While I’d like to think I’m pretty alright at the sport myself, my left butt cheek is certainly STILL sore from the frames we threw (TMI?). Chalk it up to rarely used special bowling-only butt muscles? Sure.

I whipped this up for dinner the other night and it was SO GOOD.

These celebrities are fed up with guns.

Cooking on a food stamp budget.

Sound familiar?

The Night Witches: a little known WWII story.

10 great farmers market tips.

Scientifically proven old wives’ tales.

Drew Barrymore shares her closet cleaning tips.

YouTube is one of my strange addictions and this ad just makes me love it even more.

Historical lookalikes.

These temporary tattoos would be super fun for a summer vacay.

And ladies, in case you haven’t seen this op-ed yet, PLEASE give it a read!