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Florida Stay-cation!

As I mentioned before, our dear friends Carrie and Ganer recently visited us in Miami. We had an absolute blast! Since Carrie is a professional photographer who travels with camera in tow, I thought I’d share some of her fabulous snaps from their time here. I love all the sweet moments she captured. It was the perfect Florida stay-cation for Chet and I (with the HUGE added bonus of two of our favorite people). Take a look!

We spent a day lounging by the water at our favorite beach…


beach umbrella

carrie and ganer lifeguard

carrie and beth

explored Pinecrest Gardens with all it’s larger-than-life plants and teeny-tiny lizards…

pinecrest gardens


carrie pinecrest gardens





ganer and beth


and took advantage of our apartment’s stones-throw distance from a swimming pool (with cabanas!).

headed to the pool


carrie pool

ganer pool

After a few days in Miami our pals headed to Delray Beach for Part 2 of their vacay. We couldn’t resist following suit and drove up after work one evening for margaritas and tacos followed by the whole next day spent on the beach (complete with a couples photo-shoot!).


miami weiss

Thanks for swinging through Florida, Ganer and Carrie. We loved having y’all stay with us and had so much fun in Delray. Can’t wait for our next beach vacay with you two!

All photos courtesy of Sur La Lune Photography

Follow Sur La Lune on Facebook and Instagram for more beautiful shots by Carrie. Her lifestyle wedding and portrait photography is the stuff of dreams!!! 


Bluegrass Stay-cation, Pt. 2

Easter Sunday Chet and I set out on an all-day adventure in my neighborhood and finished the holiday with an Easter feast. You may be picking up on a pattern…one of my favorite budget-friendly activities is just walking around a given area. Stop where you want, eat what strikes your fancy, take pictures, enjoy the weather and the scenery–it’s as easy as that. You know that awesome feeling you get after you get home from a day at the beach? You’re all sunshine tired and bursting with happy endorphins, exhausted but alert, and food tastes amazing? Yeah, you can totally get that feeling not at the beach. Just go outside and explore your neighborhood! Here’s how we got it…

We needed fuel in the form of eggs in a basket brunch (Wink was photo-bombing the shoot)…



…”Ashland” Estate is gorgeous and just a few blocks walk–historic buildings, gardens and lovely paths abound…



branches   waterspoutgame

gardenerscottage tree

…the blocks surrounding Ashland are great for ambling–we stop for pretty trees…


…stumbled upon a renovation of a home on the Historic Register and we found our way inside…



house1 house2

…love these blurry pictures because we look like ghosts…

ghosts1       ghosts2

…how perfect is this scenery?…


…after a trip to Starbucks for iced coffee and banana bread, stop and smell the tulips…

tulips1   tulips2

…soaking up the last of the sunlight before a delicious Easter dinner, including a rhubarb pie made by the master baker you see below. ; )



Thanks for tagging along! Now go on a quest of your own and get cray sunshine tired…it’s totes worth it. ❤ 

Bluegrass Stay-cation, Pt. 1

Last week was full of all sorts of adventures in the Bluegrass! Chet came up for his spring break and I took some much needed time off work. I tried to plan a nice balance of fun, budget-friendly activities as well as plenty of chill time. (We plowed through all of True Detective like champs for the majority of the chill time.) Here are some snaps from our Saturday, if you’d like to see…

We started off the morning picking up some ingredients at the Farmers Market…



…explored downtown and popped into some shops…

housestars chalkboardcorner

thetwins winewall

…drove to Leestown Rd. for Pops Resale (record store day) and all the goodies in that strip mall–used book store, toy store, and this giant gem…


…got lost in the labyrinth within and found lots of scary “deals”…

doll     clown     potchair

…cooked a delicious all-local meal consisting of: bread and cheese, pork chops, green beans and new potatoes…


Perfect sunny day! ❤


Do you ever staycation in your own city? Exploring with someone from out of town is a great way to see stuff you wouldn’t otherwise bother checking out! I hope these series of posts can give you  ideas or inspiration for adventures in your own backyard. Just in time for Summer!