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HEROCLIP – Review & Giveaway!

If you’re around these parts long enough, you’ll learn I have an obsession with turning the day-to-day into endless opportunities for adventure. I love travel and the outdoors and exploring new-to-me places. Which means I’m always on the look out for products which will facilitate my whims!

The newest addition to my Every Day Carry: Adventure Edition is the HEROCLIP. This little doodad is the perfect thing to toss in your bag if you’re headed out for a hike, day at the beach, or any sort of travel. Here’s why…

Heroclip is a fully functional clip, with a rotating, folding hook. Meaning- you can hang your bag, water bottle, hat, beach towel, etc. off of just about ANYTHING. Hang your backpack off of the nearest tree branch on a picnic. Hang your purse off the table at your favorite dive bar. Hang your water bottle off your exercise bike. Hang your day bag off your wheely suitcase as you whisk it through the airport. YOU GET THE IDEA!

 A few specs of note:

Heroclip rotates 360 degrees, folds at two joints for maximum versatility and has a rubber tip so whatever you are hanging will stay put.  When not in use, the hook folds securely on to the clip. (So it’s easy to store in your backpack if you’re 1-bag travelin’!)

  • Holds up to 50 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3″ wide, 3 3/4″ long (closed)
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Material: Solid aircraft grade machine-cut aluminum with anodized finish, plastic, steel

Bonus: Outside Magazine featured Heroclip in their Top 5 Gear Under $25.

Since I’m down here in South Florida, I love using my Heroclip to keep my tote bag off the ground at the pool. (LIZARDS!) It’s also great if you have items at the beach that you don’t want to get sandy.

But my #1 reason for always having a Heroclip on hand?! SKETCH BATHROOMS WITH NO PLACE TO HANG A BAG!

If you’re traveling with all your worldly possessions in a single backpack, the LAST thing you want is to set that backpack in a puddle of pee. AMIRITE?!

Would you like to take Heroclip on YOUR next adventure? Lucky you! I’ve got one up for grabs that Heroclip was sweet enough to send me. To win, make sure you’re following me on one of my social media platforms
and leave a comment below telling me the last place you traveled to! I’ll choose a winner (randomly) next Tuesday, 10/10/17! (United States only.) Good luck!!

(Disclosure: I received products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own and I only endorse brands I truly believe in!)


Florida Stay-cation!

As I mentioned before, our dear friends Carrie and Ganer recently visited us in Miami. We had an absolute blast! Since Carrie is a professional photographer who travels with camera in tow, I thought I’d share some of her fabulous snaps from their time here. I love all the sweet moments she captured. It was the perfect Florida stay-cation for Chet and I (with the HUGE added bonus of two of our favorite people). Take a look!

We spent a day lounging by the water at our favorite beach…


beach umbrella

carrie and ganer lifeguard

carrie and beth

explored Pinecrest Gardens with all it’s larger-than-life plants and teeny-tiny lizards…

pinecrest gardens


carrie pinecrest gardens





ganer and beth


and took advantage of our apartment’s stones-throw distance from a swimming pool (with cabanas!).

headed to the pool


carrie pool

ganer pool

After a few days in Miami our pals headed to Delray Beach for Part 2 of their vacay. We couldn’t resist following suit and drove up after work one evening for margaritas and tacos followed by the whole next day spent on the beach (complete with a couples photo-shoot!).


miami weiss

Thanks for swinging through Florida, Ganer and Carrie. We loved having y’all stay with us and had so much fun in Delray. Can’t wait for our next beach vacay with you two!

All photos courtesy of Sur La Lune Photography

Follow Sur La Lune on Facebook and Instagram for more beautiful shots by Carrie. Her lifestyle wedding and portrait photography is the stuff of dreams!!! 

Making a beach kit!

homestead beach palm tree

One of the biggest perks to living in Miami is enjoying beautiful weather pretty much year round. Of course there’s all sorts of thunderstorms to contend with. But when it’s nice, it is niiiiice. Like throw on a pair of shorts and lounge by some water nice. Like never have to wear real shoes unless you really want to nice. Like pinch me is this vacation or is this real life….nice.

To take full and complete advantage, we’ve resolved to hit up our favorite beach on as many clear-sky Saturdays as possible. It’s an amazing way to re-charge the batteries and soak up some Vitamin D before heading back into the week.

We wake up on Saturday mornings, drink coffee, throw on clothes, load the car, pick up supplies along the way, and sit our butts in the sand as soon as humanly possible. BUT! Last week we decided we could expedite this process by creating a beach kit. We would simply keep a stock of needed items in the trunk of the car. Genius! This way, we can get out the door even faster and even make impromptu trips on non-planned beach days when the stars align and we find we have some time on our hands. Or when a beach pops out of nowhere just begging to be enjoyed (Hey, we’re in Florida. It happens!).

Our beach kit consists of…

Now, I know this post may seem a little out of the realm of your own possibility. Most of the country is experiencing a little thing called WINTER, you might be saying! I understand. But I still think a little preparation goes a long way in making sure you actually get outside as much as possible.

When I was further north I can remember, especially in Winter, wanting to capitalize on those rare and beautiful sunny days whenever they reared their lovely heads. I would sit at work in my nice clothes wanting nothing more than to be strolling in a park or hitting a hiking trail. But by the time my work day was through and I ran home to put sneakers and “play clothes” on…the sun would be setting, the temperature dropping. If only I had kept a spare pair of shoes and pants in my car!

Consider what outdoor activity you may like to do a little more of this winter and make doing it as easy as possible. Throw your hiking boots in the trunk! Keep a soccer ball in your office! Put your roller-blades by the front door!

Let’s all play outside more in 2016.