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mid-week round-up


What are you up to today? I have some errands to run (including getting my hair cut which I’ve been putting off for ages) but I’m feeling a little mid-week lazy. Can’t I just drink coffee and read books every day??? I hope everyone had a fun Halloween however you chose to celebrate. I was pretty pleased with my last-minute farmer costume. (Overalls!) Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, and here are a few links I’ve gathered for your reading pleasure…

The Dakota Access Pipeline protest is unprecedented and 150 years in the making.

How a poster in a bar restroom cleverly combats sexual assault.

“I dressed like Rachel Green for a week and here’s what happened.”

What was the Princess Diana Beanie Baby?

House Tour: An art-filled Nashville home.

How to host a dinner party in a small space.

Our financial errors vary by age.

Lady Gaga does carpool karaoke.

Why American and European cities are dramatically different.

Why is Election Day on Tuesday, November 8?

Humans of New York and the cavalier consumption of others.

The feminist power of female ghosts.

Throwback Thursday




While staying at my Mom’s house the week and a half leading up to the wedding, I went through a whole bunch of old family photos. In the top photo, above, my older brother Andy and I are cozied up with our Dad on some sort of tourist boat. (I have no idea where. I just really enjoy ALL our shirts in this shot.) In the middle one, Andy and I are hamming it up for the camera. (Special appearance by Perry the Panda!) And the bottom one is me tossing a frisbee at a company picnic. (Oh how I love those grassy, rolling hills in horse country.)


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