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Piña Croix-ladas!


Now that we live in South Florida I feel like tropical beverages are SUPER approps. Fruity and colorful drinks just seem to pair so well with views of palm trees (and lizards of various sizes–still getting used to THAT). But I’m not always real in the mood for whipping out a blender OR using up my perfectly good dessert calories on a mixed drink. Luckily, I found a happy medium that checks ALL my lazy girl boxes while also tasting spot-on like those delicious, over-priced Piña Coladas you can get at beach-side bars! My secret ingredient is La Croix sparkling water. This stuff is having quite the moment recently. And while I have found my self pretty addicted to the bubbly straight up (it’s such a good soda alternative!), I think it really shines when paired with a bit of alcohol. As do we all, amiriiite? Now I know the rest of you crazy kids, aka the folk who DON’T live waaay down here on the southern most tippy-tip of the U.S. map, are saying “But BETH…I just flipped my calendar to September soooo where’s the Pumpkin Spice drink? It’s Fall after-all!” To which I say, sure…saddle up to some seasonally themed apple or pumpkin alcohol all you want…but ONE day, when it’s a particularly dreary and desolate up there, and you desperately need to create your OWN sunshine for the day, you’ll have this little tropical number in your arsenal.  And oh how you’ll thank me.


What you’ll need…

– White rum (you can also get pineapple or coconut flavored rum, if you like.)

– Pineapple juice (we went for a Pineapple Orange Banana medley this time around. More fruit, more fun.)

– Coconut flavor La Croix sparkling water

(Note: You can totally leave out the rum for an equally delicious mock-tail.)

and how it all comes together…

Mix equal parts of each ingredient over a ton of ice. Easy as that! Traditional Piña Coladas call for coconut cream which is certainly delicious but can taste a bit more like a dessert than a drink. The La Croix water gives the drink a much more refreshing feel. Garnish with a pineapple slice and/or maraschino cherry if you’re feelin’ fancy or if you’re trying to impress guests.

Pop in a stripey straw and enjoy the sunshine. Real OR imagined. CHEERS!



Would you try this drink, or do you already have a go-to cocktail for when you’re feeling a little tropical?