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mid-week round-up


What are you up to this week, buttercups? I’m over a week into Yoga with Adriene 30 Days of Yoga and LOVING it. A daily, at-home yoga practice is a great excuse to quiet your mind and have some “you-time”. Hopefully you guys had a nice long weekend and are feeling inspired today. Have a wonderful week, do good things, and here are some posts for you to enjoy…

I can’t wait to go back to the aquarium once this is built.

The invisible work of female farmers.

Gorgeous hue.

Swooning over these floral business cards.

Your daily dose of grammar knowledge.

Would some crafty little elf please make this for me?

Sriracha egg salad.

This budget friendly photo DIY would make a great wedding present.

Who wants to go?

The real cost of entertainment for The Biggest Loser.

SNL takes on gentrification and it is hilarious.

LOVE the bathroom in this tiny home.

P.S. How to build a light-box and BOOKS!