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mid-week round-up

Hi friends! What are you up to this week? Tomorrow is my birthday!!! No grand plans, just planning on a relaxing day. Last week we ventured up to Savannah for a few days and had a blast hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law! (We ate here and here, strolled around and saw wild animals here, and roasted marshmallows(!) here.) Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, and here are some links for your reading pleasure…

A tale of two Puerto Ricos: What Trump saw and what he didn’t.

A grandmother, the Nazis, and the shadow of the Olympics.

Multiple women share harrowing accounts of sexual assault and harassment by Harvey Weinstein.

Kristin Enmark didn’t act the way a hostage was supposed to act – and a new psychological disorder was born.

How an English teacher’s quest to meet John Lennon changed Beatles history.

Can I buy these warm-up booties even though I’m just a living room ballerina???

The making of a male midwife.

The Coexist logo is famous on bumper stickers and around the world — but it’s also at the center of quite a few battles.

Katharine Hepburn’s brownies: a recipe for home-wrecking?

Perfect desk accouterments for a home office.

Carmen Maria Machado’s  take on the woman with the green ribbon around her neck.

Related: Now I want to read her book.

The Florida migrant town that FEMA forgot.

P.S. 2 Finding Delight blog posts you might have missed — Our Florida Stay-Cation and What books would you paint on a staircase? 


mid-week round-up

pink clouds

How was your holiday weekend? We took a little trip up to St. Petersburg (as I mentioned in this post) for a belated Christmas celebration with my mom, sister, brother, and sister-in-law. We had awesome meals at Casita Taqueria and Bella Brava, if you’re in need of recommendations. We also drove over to Tampa to catch my sister in a play. The show was called Speech and Debate so OF COURSE I loved it, haha! #SpeechNerd It was edgy, witty, and laugh out loud funny. My sister in particular was HYSTERICAL! Now it is back to reality, but never fear! The links are here…

Google maps out the tiniest city.

Bad day? Pick one (or two, or ALL) of these videos and try not to smile.

What would you serve on this dinner set?

Science-themed nursery for a very lucky baby.

I’m an abreve profesh.

Add a pop of color to your breakfast.

Winning the lottery.

Frequent recess leads to more attentive children.

One of everything, please!

Why you should commit to a sleep routine.

District Attorney Ken Kratz’s holiday cards.

The life, death, and rebirth of the New York City coffee cup.

P.S. I just finished the book The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom and I would highly, HIGHLY recommend it if you like historical fiction.


Dwelling Envy.

While the snow we got a couple nights ago was beautiful and all, I’m starting to feel the effects of Winter. The early dusk, less than favorable temperatures and general cold, wet, dreariness has resulted in a lot of time cooped up indoors. Namely, in my little one bedroom apartment. More than just a sense of going stir cray, I’m getting sick of looking at it. And binge watching all the HGTV shows the Gods recently decided to pop onto Netflix hasn’t helped either. I just want to completely DEMO, RENO and DECO (that last one’s a bit of a stretch but go with it) the shit out of this place. Here are some apartments I’ve been ogling on one of my fave internet time-sucks, Apartment Therapy. They have me turning green with “dwelling envy” but are fabulous for a bit of design INSPO (ok I’m done, sorry). Take a look!

The Chicago Apartment. 

Chicago Apartment 1

Chicago Apartment 2

Chicago Apartment 3

Chicago Apartment 4

The Vancouver Apartment. 

Vancouver Apartment 1

Vancouver Apartment 2

Vancouver Apartment 3

Vancouver Apartment 4

The Paris Apartment. 

Paris Apartment 1

Paris Apartment 2

Paris Apartment 3

Paris Apartment 4

I love the sophisticated vintage vibe of the first, the ethereal simplicity of the second, and the Scandinavian retro aesthetic of the last. It’s so hard to pick a favorite! Which would YOU choose?


mid-week round-up


What are you up to this week, buttercups? I’m over a week into Yoga with Adriene 30 Days of Yoga and LOVING it. A daily, at-home yoga practice is a great excuse to quiet your mind and have some “you-time”. Hopefully you guys had a nice long weekend and are feeling inspired today. Have a wonderful week, do good things, and here are some posts for you to enjoy…

I can’t wait to go back to the aquarium once this is built.

The invisible work of female farmers.

Gorgeous hue.

Swooning over these floral business cards.

Your daily dose of grammar knowledge.

Would some crafty little elf please make this for me?

Sriracha egg salad.

This budget friendly photo DIY would make a great wedding present.

Who wants to go?

The real cost of entertainment for The Biggest Loser.

SNL takes on gentrification and it is hilarious.

LOVE the bathroom in this tiny home.

P.S. How to build a light-box and BOOKS!

Tour my shelves.


Today, I thought I’d let you take a little tour of my bookcase shelves. I’ve been contemplating a bookshelf reorganization by color (straight up Roy G. Biv style) just to change things up but also because they look so fun and aesthetically pleasing when I see colorful book rainbows on Pinterest and Apartment Therapy. (Examples: here, here and here.) For now, though, these books live categorically–in my own little library system. So go ahead and take a peek at my bedroom bookcase. I have another smaller set of shelves in my living room for books that deserve more spotlight as well as a shelf in my dining room for cookbooks–we’ll save their tours for another day. (Remember when I said I may never whittle down ALL of my belongings to fit in an actual, real life tiny home? Haha.) Want a closer look?

Some fiction…


Some favorite reads…


Kid lit…


A few for drama…


Lit class holdovers…


More fiction…


Communication Studies…


Religion and Dreams (lol)…


A teeny, tiny German language section…






Gettin’ my learn on…


and teachin’ younguns how to be orators…


How do you organize your books? Do you think I should make the switch and have all these book-babies live the rainbow life? I guess if I end up hating it I can always switch it back to my current system…especially now that I have photo documentation. : ) 

Kitchen dreaming. (Farm sinks are my jam.)


The kitchen of my dreams definitely involves a farm sink. Utilitarian (think of all the things you can do in that big basin–wash fresh vegetables straight from the garden, strain huge pots of spaghetti noodles, give your farmer’s market bouquets drinks of water in their accompanying quirky vases), bright and a great focal point amongst a slew of cabinets. I used to think not having a split basin sink would be an annoyance for the no-dishwasher life. However, after moving into an apartment with a deep, white sink I’m a total convert. What do you think?

farmsink1 farmsink3farmsink5 farmsink2