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5 Ways to Simplify this Summer!

Hi friends! Summer is right around the corner and, I don’t know about you, but I love slowing down and simplifying whenever this time of year rolls around. Maybe this is a holdover from childhood? When summer offered a break from school and extracurriculars and life just went with the flow for a few months.

Unfortunately, adult-life is a little different than kid-life (boooo!). But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a page from your kid-self book this summer season and set a few intentions to help you simplify. Here are a few of my favorite ways…

Clean out your closet.

Have you ever gone through your closet and realized how many items you’re holding on to that you haven’t worn in AGES?? *sheepishly raises hand* Our impending move has offered me a great excuse to really go through my wardrobe with a fine tooth comb. I encourage you to take a peek in your own closet, too!

Get rid of clutter.

Material possessions that you’re no longer putting to use may bring joy to someone else! Pass things along when you can or donate to a charity. Whenever I do this I find that it actually ADDS value to the items I DO cherish and use.

Clear out your fridge.

You never know what you might find in there! 😉

Clear out your email inbox.

Have you ever done this? I’m kind of an email hoarder if I’m being honest. Thankfully, a well-organized Gmail folder system lets me hang on to my emails without a cluttered inbox. However, I’ll never forget the time my friend Adam “helped me” clean up my email account by deleting everything that was over 2 years old and I about had an anxiety attack.

Simplify your diet.

Obviously you should do this in whatever way feels fitting for you and YOUR body. But the way I like to simplify my diet is by reducing the amount of dairy, gluten, and sugar I consume. Summer brings about so much beautiful produce. Why not let it be the star of the show at meal time?!

One thing we might fail to do when life gets busy is to listen to our bodies.  If there are foods that cause bloating or make you feel a bit off, it may be hard to isolate the cause.  The best solution is to simplify your meals, and besides, it makes cooking much, MUCH easier!

That’s it for today, y’all. Happy simplifying!!

P.S. The top de-cluttering mistakes you might be making.

mid-week round-up


Ladybugs are taking over my apartment! Where have they all come from? Should I catch them and put them out in my garden? Oh, Summer. I hope the rest of your work week flies by and your weekend lasts a lifetime. For the rest of my week, I’m foreseeing more backgammon games, smoothie experiments (I have an idea for how to make a Nutella smoothie. We’ve already conquered the cinnamon roll smoothie. #healthyfoodhacks) (LONG LIVE THE MAGIC BULLET!!!), and a trip to see some black bears. OH, and good luck to all the tiny speech kittens at nationals. Be amazing…so I can be super impressed when I continue my annual summer ritual of tuning in to the live stream of your final rounds. : ) Now for some links…

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Check yo’self…before you scientifically wreck yo’self!

A huge standing ovation to Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

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Backpacks make for happy backs. <3


So, awhile back I dug this old backpack out of my closet. I don’t recall what prompted me to do so, but as I wore it around while running errands that day, a light-bulb went off in my head. It was so comfortable! Before, on long errand expeditions or outdoor events there would always be that turning point where I would get a little grumpy simply because I was carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder. Everything would feel out of whack and no matter how many times I switched my bag back and forth it would just remain uncomfortable. But now, as long as I’m not in dress-up or professional attire, I rock my tiny bag. I love being hands free on outings. I love being able to carry all my necessities (wallet, keys, phone, liter of water, snacks, book, notebook–I take preparation for potential boredom and hunger vAAAry seriously) without feeling bogged down.  It’s sort of become a trademark and I love telling people my tiny bag is for all my tiny things! ❤

Here are four backpack-beauties from ModCloth

For the farmers market and outdoor concerts–backpack4

Swing Into Action Backpack

For a gallery hop and downtown strolls–backpack3

Park Bench Backpack

For day hikes and park picnics–


Landmarks That I Love Backpack

And for brunch and everything that comes after it–backpack1

Backpack to the Future Backpack

Which would you choose? Do you like sportin’ a backpack? My friend Katie said when she started a new job her co-workers gave her a hard time for hers but now they’ve seen the light and are carrying them regularly. True converts!


In the name of transparency…


I’m not awesome at cooking and have never cooked my way through an entire cookbook in order to get awesome. I haven’t radically changed my diet to mirror neolithic, paleolithic or WWII times nor am I actively trying to shed pounds. I’m not training for anything. I don’t live in a gorgeous neighborhood in some hipster city or spend all my time going to concerts and flea markets. I’m not sartorially gifted. I haven’t taken any symposiums on HTML or photography.

I live in the real world. I have a full-time job and responsibilities and seasons of Netflix to watch. I don’t have time to do Pinterest projects every day of the week. I’m also kind of lazy and not independently wealthy. I like simplistic, sustainable approaches.

I feel like this “lazy girl” (read: simpler) approach to all of the above (learning, healthy living, cooking, discovering, decorating, dressing, business) is a voice lacking in the blogosphere. We all have busy lives, so why shouldn’t we focus on doing less in order to live more?  So, if you’re cool with this lazy girl’s commitment to life-long learning and search for the good life by way of an easier lifestyle then I think that’s what I can give ya. Some “smart laziness” if you will.

I really like the idea of maintaining a “lifestyle blog” for the breadth of editorial possibilities that can fall under the umbrella of “lifestyle.” But I’d like to highlight ways in which we can make our lives easier and happier. Cheaper and less stressful. I’d like to LEARN how to live a more thankful and productive life by writing about what’s working and what doesn’t instead of telling other people how to be. I’d like to share knowledge and books and adventures.

Basically, I just wanna write about the shit I wanna write about. Because I like to write and would love to get better. Because I want to have a greater purpose behind new tasks and research. Because I’m seeking a mental and creative outlet to supplement my day-to-day. Because sometimes I miss having an audience.

(Andddd….in total and COMPLETE transparency, if you’ve ever had any sort of online blogging presence and I know you even a little, I’ve probably read it because I’m a big internet stalking weirdo. So, I may as well return the favor and let you creep MY life for a change.)

I think that’s quite enough of the introductory, boring stuff. Let’s start the real fun tomorrow. : ) I’d like to devote Wednesdays to a mid-week round-up of links I’ve recently found and would like to share. So, check back tomorrow!

(Painting: Georgia O’Keefe, Ladder to the Moon. 1958.)