mid-week round-up


Hi! How’s the week going for you guys? My to-do lists have been super long the last few days. Isn’t the ramp-up in obligations and tasks around school startin’ time weird? It’s not like I had the whole summer off for vacay! For those of you who ARE starting school for the year, GOOD LUCK! I hope this semester goes fantastically and that you learn a whole bunch.

Here are a few neat posts from around the web…

Why one father has chosen not to tell his son he’s smart.

Sarah Silverman is my spirit animal.

What French kids eat for lunch.

Can you guess these famous first lines from classic novels when they’re written in emojis? (Number 12 made me laugh out loud.)

Former member of a tight-knit prayer group turned cult tells all.

Easy and delicious pasta dinner.

Running wild with Photoshop to examine global standards of beauty.

Pictures of communal living in the Netherlands.

Studies begin on the babies born with genetic material from 3 parents.

Do you have a non-Gmail email?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is such a BAMF.

Miley Cyrus speaks out about homeless youth.



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