Let’s talk shoes.



These are my 5 go-to pairs of shoes. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really noticed the effect little things like a heavy purse or uncomfortable shoes have on my mood. While I used to be able to spend hours in a black ballet flat that basically equated to a thin strip of cardboard on the sole of my foot, that just ain’t my style anymore. I definitely have other shoes in my collection that get random wear but these are what I return to again and again–


  1. Kalso Earth Shoes–black mary janes

Some of you may think these are a less than aesthetically pleasing shoe but I quite like the looks of them and I will never apologize for my love of them. Wear these for a day when you have to be on your feet and moving about for 8-12 hours and then get back to me. You’ll change your tune. My arches are insanely high so I went looking for a more functional shoe that could take the place of a black flat when sporting biz cas. The secret behind Earth Shoes is that your toes rest higher than your heels which completely changes how you stand and carry yourself. Not only do my feet feel fine but I find it nearly impossible to slouch when wearing these so my back feels great too! If you have a job that is a little bit more active or you have to work events that require lots of standing and walking, I recommend investing in a pair of Earth Shoes.


  1. Merrell Hiking Shoe w/ Vibram sole

For hiking, running and general urban exploration I’m loving these Merrell trail-runners. Again, due to high arches, I find these to be a much more comfortable choice than your typical athletic shoe. I have fairly strong ankles so I don’t find a boot to be necessary when hiking and climbing about. I don’t wear shoes when exercising indoors (yoga or strength workouts) so I felt it made sense to invest in a dedicated shoe for outdoors as opposed to something more versatile.


  1. Minnetonka Moccasins

I LOVE moccasins. I wear them as slippers around the house (as they were intended) but I also wear them as shoes when I’m running errands or as easy slip-ons when travelling. If your feet get cold really easily these are definitely a must have. Admittedly, my Grandma is a huge fan of these slippers (sometimes we’re even twinsies!) but I think they look quite casual and stylish with a pair of jeans while blogging away at my local Starbucks. Who wouldn’t want to wear their slippers at Starbies?


  1. Aerosoles red heels

While old age (lol) has made me much more mindful of shoe comfort, I still like having a go-to pair of heels for dressier occasions. In the past, I’ve always turned to black heels but if binge watching old episodes of What Not To Wear has taught me anything it’s that one shouldn’t fear a pop of color. So I break these bad boys out for the summer and fall months. I think they make my feet look adorable and really that’s all that matters.


  1. Black flip flops

I will never be rid of my love of flip flops. In reality, I don’t really like wearing shoes AT ALL and this is the closest one can get to barefoot. I think my current pair are from Kohl’s but they’re easily replaceable from Old Navy, Target, even a corner drugstore. These are what I wear around the house or outside and what I throw on if I’m popping out to go to Kroger, Wheeler’s Pharmacy or Orange Leaf (all on my block). Maybe SOME DAY I’ll grow out of flip flops but it seems unlikely.


In hammering out my late summer/early fall capsule wardrobe, I settled on these pairs to be my shoe options. If the weather turns a bit nippy sooner rather than later I’ll swap out the flip flops for my Rocket Dog flat boots but I think I’ll develop a new capsule before then.


However, if the sky was the limit… I’ve been eyeing these choices for this season:


Rust mary-jane wedges.



Black Birkenstock sandals.


Bensimons or Toms in a fun color.


What are your go-to pairs? Do you have a huge shoe collection? Does a shoe capsule of 5 seem too edited for your taste? Or do you get by with less? I’m feeling nosy so leave a comment and let me know! : ) 


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk shoes.

  1. Awesome! First, I love my birkenstocks, they are in the same category as slippers for me, I can just throw them on with or without socks to run errands or let the dog out, do whatever (especially during the summer months when its too hot for slippers). I also love my Salomon Speedcross 3 trail runners for running. And my go to for work is just some slip on no boundaries (target brand) shoes with no laces, because they are so easy and go with anything. For nights out – love my cowboy boots. Thanks for the post, its cool to see what other people wear for shoes! (or maybe I’m just nosy too lol)

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