Backpacks make for happy backs. <3


So, awhile back I dug this old backpack out of my closet. I don’t recall what prompted me to do so, but as I wore it around while running errands that day, a light-bulb went off in my head. It was so comfortable! Before, on long errand expeditions or outdoor events there would always be that turning point where I would get a little grumpy simply because I was carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder. Everything would feel out of whack and no matter how many times I switched my bag back and forth it would just remain uncomfortable. But now, as long as I’m not in dress-up or professional attire, I rock my tiny bag. I love being hands free on outings. I love being able to carry all my necessities (wallet, keys, phone, liter of water, snacks, book, notebook–I take preparation for potential boredom and hunger vAAAry seriously) without feeling bogged down.  It’s sort of become a trademark and I love telling people my tiny bag is for all my tiny things! ❤

Here are four backpack-beauties from ModCloth

For the farmers market and outdoor concerts–backpack4

Swing Into Action Backpack

For a gallery hop and downtown strolls–backpack3

Park Bench Backpack

For day hikes and park picnics–


Landmarks That I Love Backpack

And for brunch and everything that comes after it–backpack1

Backpack to the Future Backpack

Which would you choose? Do you like sportin’ a backpack? My friend Katie said when she started a new job her co-workers gave her a hard time for hers but now they’ve seen the light and are carrying them regularly. True converts!



6 thoughts on “Backpacks make for happy backs. <3

  1. My company gives everyone with a laptop a backpack on their first day of work. Customers make fun of us because it looks like a school bus dropped us off, but we don’t have back problems. 🙂

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