mid-week round-up


I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend! If you’re in a reading (and watching) mood during this short week, here are a few fun posts from around the web to help distract ya from the work you didn’t want to do anyways. Have a good one, darlings!

The greatest response to an accidental “Reply All.”

Great piece on Lexington, KY and gentrification.

This is bananas and a must watch for any John Munch fans.

My brother on why he became and remains a Barenaked Ladies fan. (We saw them in concert together way back in the day!)

Any Anglophiles out there?

Not many animated kids’ movies feature a named Mother who lives until the credits roll.

A catch-up with the Bad Yogi herself, Erin Motz.

Saeed Jones’ must-read on being an American male.

Well, this is relateable. (I accidentally on purpose started binge watching this on Hulu the other day.)

These certainly look like something that needs to GET IN MY BELLY.

A lovely, new-to-me fashion blog.

China questioning their national character.

And awesome news! You can now watch the complete series of “The Wire” on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

See you guys tomorrow! ❤

P.S. My shoe capsule and my latest book recommendation, in case you missed ’em.


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