September favorites.

september favorites

With the turning of the calendar page from September to October, it’s time to bundle together the best products, places, media and everything in between from the last month. Here are 9 things I found myself loving in September…

1. Dr. Sponge

A new addition to my skincare routine, this natural sponge contains pearl powder and is the perfect gentle exfoliator if you have sensitive skin. The sponge itself is naturally rich in vitamins and protein and the pearl powder contains amino acids which help even out and brighten skin tone. I’m obsessed with how soft my skin feels after using it! I originally received this as a gift but I will definitely repurchase. The brand carries a variety of sponges with different additions — lycopene, aloe vera, charcoal, etc — but the pearl powder is recommended for sensitive skin so that’s probably the one I would stick with.

2. The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

I discussed our visit to check out the exhibits at The Frost Museum in a recent blog post. The museum is located on the campus of Florida International University and entrance is free. Exhibits change fairly frequently and the galleries are beautifully maintained and curated. If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend popping in for a few hours to have a look around! I can’t wait to go back as new art is installed!

3. Marble candles at Target

If there’s two home decor trends I’m loving right now it’s cozy-scented candles and MARBLE EVERYTHING. Luckily, Target has a new line of candles which incorporates both! The one we purchased at the beginning of the month is about burned to the bottom. Now to figure out how to re-purpose the marble part… Any ideas???

4. Casey Neistat’s YouTube Channel

The list of channels found in my YouTube subscriptions had gone pretty much unchanged for about a year before getting hooked on Casey Neistat this month. He’s a film-maker and entrepreneur who uploads a new vlog every single day.  The content of his videos is always interesting and the cinematography/editing is super on point. Usually my YouTube tastes are a bit more girl-ish (read: beauty and style vloggers) or international (read: expat vloggers) but Casey’s channel has been wonderfully binge-worthy the past few weeks.

5. Rosemary’s Baby

This movie topped the list for Netflix Nights in September. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss out another month! Fall is a great time for watching weird and creepy thrillers like this one! Directed by Roman Polanski, this psychological horror film came out in 1968. I thought the home decor, costumes, and New York street scenes were just as intriguing as the plot. I found myself wanting to own every outfit donned by Mia Farrow (even her extravagant sleepwear and robes!) but I don’t think I could pull off her Vidal Sassoon pixie cut.

6. The Bookstore in the Grove 

On a recent trek to Coconut Grove, Chet and I stumbled upon the RADDEST bookstore. Their selection of books was masterfully curated and displayed, plus they had a wonderful selection of notebooks, pens, and other awesome stationery items. We treated ourselves to fresh lemonade and hot empanadas when we visited but they also offer a HUGE selection of coffees, smoothies, salads, wraps, and baked goods. It would be the perfect spot to head to on a Saturday morning to eat breakfast while reading a new bestseller or flipping through some magazines. I have a feeling this is going to be a very handy discovery come Christmas shopping time!

7. Wine Stopper

I love unique kitchen embellishments so when I spotted this Ladies Who Lunch Wine Stopper on Amazon I just had to have her. She’s so proper and charming sitting atop my bottles of wine! Wouldn’t she be the perfect addition to a Downton Abbey binge (drinking) night? Makes me think of this video! Fetch me my wine glass!!!

8. Pinecrest Gardens

Adventures in the great outdoors have long been a favorite weekend activity of mine. So it’s been really awesome to explore the landscape, plants, animals, etc. in a totally new-to-me area of the world. Pinecrest Gardens is a park which, for just $5, allows me to do just that. It’s kind of like stepping inside your very own rain-forest. There are trails that take you through all sorts of native plants, bridges crossing streams filled with huge koi fish, and no shortage of friendly turtles.

9. Happy Snacking

Grabbing a handful of cotton candy grapes, pumpkin spice almonds, or goldfish crackers for an afternoon snack is bound to put a smile on my face. They were totally my favorite things to munch, crunch, and nibble on this month.


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