mid-week round-up

big green fellow

What are you up to this week? Fall is here!!! Even in South Florida the weather has cooled a bit, the sunshine has that golden glow, and there’s a frequent lovely breeze blowing. This is my last week being in my twenties so I intend to eat autumnal desserts, plan a well-deserved beach trip, and make toasts over Gin & Ginger Ales that end in “R.I.P. 20’s!” Thanks to everyone who made this past year so wonderful. Now, bring on the big 3-0! Happy Wednesday to all of you lovely readers; please enjoy these links…

Lauren! Tom Hanks found your student ID in the park. #casual

Found: the perfect autumn breakfast.

4 happy rituals. 

Have you ever ghosted?

A UCLA student takes her graduation photos in the strawberry field her parents have picked strawberries in for 22 years.

I’ve had Lianne La Havas on repeat this week.

An interactive guide to self care. 

When it comes to technology and love…the teens get it.

Some seasonal iPhone wallpapers.

Will you stay or will you go? 

Quite auspicious! Buddhism’s 8 symbols.

A campfire candle.



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